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Apatite Crystal Tower

Apatite Crystal Tower

Element: Apatite

Size: 2.75 inches to 3 inches (Approx)

Shape: Pencil Tower (Pointed)

Healing: Apatite is among the most powerful healing stone which is highly efficient with the formation of new cells, balancing the absorption of calcium and helping teeth and bones to stay strong.

Purpose: The following Apatite healing crystals serves a great purpose to bring relief in the pain of joint pain and arthritis.

Apatite tumbled stones
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Apatite Tumbled Stone

Apatite Tumbled Stone

Material: Natural Apatite

Size: 25-35 mm

Shape: Tumbled

Healing: Apatite healing crystal expands knowledge, eases grief, apathy, and anger. It also rejuvenates cells and benefits bones and cartilages.

Purpose: Carry Apatite in your pocket, create jewelry and decor items to keep it close to you for all time healing. Lie down during your meditation and reiki sessions and keep it on your chakras to enhance their energies.

Blue Apatite sphere
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Blue Apatite Sphere

Blue Apatite Sphere

Material: Blue Apatite

Size: Diameter 30 mm (approx.)

Shape: Sphere

Healing: Stimulates third eye chakra. A powerful healing crystal to remove energy blockages.

Purpose: Roll within your palms to soothe your energies, carry it in your pocket, use it during yoga and meditation sessions.