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Apophyllite with Hematite and Peach Stilbite clusters
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Apophyllite with Hematite and Peach Stilbite

Apophyllite with Hematite and Peach Stilbite

Material: 100% Natural Apophyllite with Hematite and Peach Stilbite

Shape: Cluster

Size: 6.5 x 2.4 x 1.7 inches (approx.),

Healing: Apophyllite healing crystal clusters are great for expanding the spiritual gift and stimulate the Chakras awakening.

Healing Hematite inclusions are for strength, courage, focus, and memory.

Peach Stilbite healing crystal influences peace, calm, and awakening of consciousness. It quiets the mind and helps in better sleep, especially for insomniacs.

Purpose: Hold Apophyllite, Hematite, Stilbite Healing cluster while mediating or reiki rituals and let its energies flow through you. You can place it on a clean cloth in front of you as you meditate as well.

hematite bracelet wholesale online
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Hematite Bracelet

Hematite Bracelet

Element: Hematite

Size: Varies from 6 to 7 inches

Type: Stretchable Bracelet

Healing: A Hematite stone protects you and gives you the inner strength to fight hard times in your life. The keeps you encouraged and helps you by boosting your concentration and focus.

Purpose: Wear a Hematite bracelet during reiki, mediation, or during yoga for enhancing the power of your mind to stay focused and safe from negative effects.

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Hematite Sphere

Hematite Sphere

Element: Hematite Sphere

Size: 40-50mm

Purpose: Hematite is a stone that has the strength to keep you grounded and stay calm and concentrated. The stone also holds the power to bring your heart, emotion and mind in balance and grow your confidence to higher levels.