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Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Element: Red Jasper

Size: Each varies from ¾ inch – 11/2 inch (approx)

Type: Tumbled

Healing: The Red Jasper benefits the people by building self-trust, self-confidence, bring balance, and relaxation, as well as increasing memory and sexual vibrancy

Purpose: Use Red Jasper stone in your reiki practices, yoga practises, meditation, or can even use it in your home decor to energise your aura and keep you calm in difficult situations.

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Red Jasper, & Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid

Red Jasper, & Clear Quartz Orgone Pyramid

Element: Red Jasper, Clear Quartz & Flower of life

Size: Varies from 70-80mm

Type: Pyramid

Healing: The Red Jasper stone helps in promoting self-love and confidence. It is also a stone that provides calmness and relaxation while also enhancing your sexual vibrancy.

The Clear Quartz is a stone that heals you emotionally and helps you enhance your mediation to attain a higher level of spirituality in your life.

Lastly, the flower of life in the crystal reminds you that everything in this universe is connected to each other.

Purpose: The following healing and protection pyramid can be used to enhance the mediation, reiki and other healing practise.

Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Amethyst & lapis lazuli Orgone Dodecahedron

Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Amethyst & lapis lazuli Orgone Dodecahedron

Element: The following dodecahedron consists of Red Jasper, Red Carnelian, Green Aventurine, Amethyst and lapis lazuli.

Size: (Approx) Width – 2.4″, Height – 2.4″, Length – 2.4″

Purpose: The following dodecahedron comes with sever healing benefits such as hormonal balance, stress relief, self-healing, and inner power.

Red Jasper is a stone that strengths your emotions and builds your self-confidence and keeps your emotional being safe.

Red Carnelian is a stone that stimulates creativity and enhances your life choices to motivate you to work toward your success.

Green Aventurine is a heart healer that keeps you away from negative emotions and work on your well being.

Amethyst is among the most widely popular stones that help in relieving stress and balancing mood swings.

Lastly, Lapis Lazuli is a psychic stone that helps in concentration, and creativity.