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Ruby Fuchsite Wand

Ruby Fuchsite Wand

Material: Ruby Fuchsite

Size: 11 cm (approx.)

Shape: Wand

Healing: Ruby Fuschite heals emotional issues, soothes sufferings, stress, and promotes calmness, happiness, courage, and passion.

Purpose: Use this Ruby Fuschite wand to massage your chakra points. Make it your morning or night routine to work with this healing wand.

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Sunstone Massage Wand

Sunstone Massage Wand

Element: Sunstone

Size: length – 4 inches, weight -1 inch (Approx)

Type: Massage Wand

Healing: The sunstone is a powerful healing stone that helps in enhancing your intuitions, relieving you from stress and increasing your vitality.

Purpose: Use it in massage, reiki, yoga, mediation and other healing practises to better healings.