Clear Quartz Crystal Tree

Chip Count: 400 Chips

$11.56 Piece

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Embark on a journey of crystal clarity and amplification with our Clear Quartz Crystal Tree! Adorned with a bountiful 400 finely crafted chips, this exquisite tree is a beacon of purity and energy. Elevate your crystal collection with the transparent beauty of Clear Quartz, shipped worldwide to infuse your surroundings with the pristine energy of quartz.


Material: Clear Quartz

Size: Crystal Tree Height – Approximately 9-10 inches (Varies)

Chip Count: 400 Chips

Healing: The Clear Quartz Crystal Tree, with its 400 chips, serves as a symbol of clarity and amplification. Its transparent beauty is known for its ability to amplify intentions, cleanse the aura, and connect with higher consciousness. Clear Quartz is also believed to bring balance and harmony to the mind, body, and spirit.

Immerse yourself in the pure and amplifying energy of our Clear Quartz Crystal Tree, perfect for those seeking spiritual clarity and connection. Add this exquisite piece to your crystal offerings, and with our worldwide shipping, ensure that the pristine energy of Clear Quartz reaches crystal enthusiasts around the globe.