Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tree

Chip Count: 100 Chips

US $5.51 Piece

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Illuminate your space with the magical energies of our Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tree! Adorned with 100 finely crafted chips, this exquisite tree is a symbol of intuition and divine feminine energy. Enhance your crystal collection with the ethereal glow of Rainbow Moonstone, shipped worldwide to infuse your surroundings with enchantment and mystery.


Material: Rainbow Moonstone

Size: Crystal Tree Height – Approximately 5-7 inches (Varies)

Chip Count: 100 Chips

Healing: The Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tree, with its 100 chips, embodies the mystical energies of intuition and divine feminine power. Its ethereal glow is known for its ability to enhance intuition, promote emotional balance, and connect with the energies of the moon. Rainbow Moonstone is also believed to bring a sense of mystery and enchantment.

Enrich your crystal inventory with the enchanting beauty of our Rainbow Moonstone Crystal Tree, perfect for those seeking intuitive wisdom and a connection to the divine. Add this exquisite piece to your offerings, and with our global shipping, ensure that the magical energy of Rainbow Moonstone reaches crystal enthusiasts worldwide.

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