Rose Quartz Crystal Tree

Chip Count: 400 Chips

USD $12.09 Piece

Invite the gentle energies of love and compassion with our Rose Quartz Crystal Tree! Adorned with 400 finely crafted chips, this exquisite tree is a symbol of emotional healing and heart-centered energy. Elevate your crystal collection with the soft pinks of Rose Quartz, shipped worldwide to infuse your surroundings with love and tenderness.


Material: Rose Quartz

Size: Crystal Tree Height – Approximately 9-10 inches (Varies)

Chip Count: 400 Chips

Healing: The Rose Quartz Crystal Tree, with its 400 chips, embodies the energies of love and emotional healing. Its soft pinks are known for their ability to open the heart chakra, promote self-love, and enhance relationships. Rose Quartz is also believed to bring a sense of peace and harmony.

Enrich your crystal inventory with the loving energy of our Rose Quartz Crystal Tree, perfect for those seeking emotional healing and connection. Add this exquisite piece to your offerings, and with our worldwide shipping, ensure that the tender energy of Rose Quartz reaches crystal enthusiasts around the globe.