Green Aventurine Sphere

Set of 4-6 Spheres

$34.70 / Kg (2.2 lb)

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Material: Green Aventurine

Dimension: Diameter – 5cm / Radius – 2-3 cm (Approx)

Type: Sphere

Healing: Green Aventurine: Embrace luck and abundance with this heart-healing crystal. Experience its positive energy that fosters optimism, growth, and a deeper connection with nature. Invite serenity and prosperity into your life with Green Aventurine.


Discover the allure of our wholesale Green Aventurine Spheres – exquisite treasures crafted from high-quality Green Aventurine crystals, renowned for their soothing properties. These enchanting spheres radiate positive energy, promoting luck and prosperity in the lives of your customers. Embrace the mesmerizing charm of Green Aventurine as it balances the heart chakra, fostering emotional well-being and personal growth. Ideal for retailers and practitioners seeking to offer a touch of serenity and abundance to their clientele. Browse our wholesale catalog now and unlock the natural magic of Green Aventurine, a cherished crystal with holistic benefits.

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Weight1 kg