Wholesale Crystal FAQs

What is your minimum order requirement to receive wholesale pricing?

To receive wholesale pricing from Tocrystal, the minimum order requirement is 20Kg combining all products. Tocrystal also has wholesale pricing on retaining orders on a monthly and quarterly basis.

To get started, browse through our products > pick your requirements > Add them to your cart > Send in your enquiry.

Is it necessary to have a Resale Tax Number or Business License to purchase wholesale?

When you work with Tocrystal, you don’t need any additional paperwork or license. We have an export license, so all you will need to do is receive the package you ordered.

Do you have a catalogue, and/or can you send photos with pricing?

Yes, Tocrystal provides a catalogue through Google Sheet that consists of detailed information about the products, pricing and images, all at the same place. To get the link to Google Sheet you can reach out to us at [email protected]

If you are interested in the products available on the website, the easiest way is to add products to your cart and send in your inquiry with your contact details. We will reach back to you within few hours.

Is any of your material treated, synthetic, or man-made?

Most of the products at Tocrystal are natural, hand-carved and raw clusters. There are some products that include minor synthetic materials. You can read everything about the individual product in their respective descriptions.

In what countries do you ship?

Tocrystal ships worldwide, in every country that has flight facilities available at the time of delivery.

Is it possible to order customization?

Yes, with Tocrystal, you can order customization. In order to do so, just reach out to us at [email protected]

What payment methods do you have?

Tocrystal accepts payment through PayPal (Credit Card/Debit Card) and Wire Transfer,

What will be the shipping procedure?

Tocrystal has ensured a simple shipping procedure.
Once your add products to your cart and send in your enquiry, we will reach out to you with all the details you require to make a decision.

This includes products details, performer invoices and shipping details.

After we receive the payment, we will pack and ship your package within the next 24-hours and forward you the tracking information within 48 hours. You will easily be able to track your package yourself.

On average the shipping time is 7 to 10 days for Europe and 10-12 days for the USA & Australia.