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7 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals To Boost Your Creativity

7 Best Sacral Chakra Crystals To Boost Your Creativity

In the world of chakras and energy, the source of our creativity is our Sacral Chakra. It is the one that is responsible for confidence, problem-solving, sexuality, and creativity in our life.

If one is feeling like they are stuck, and it is getting harder for them to overcome their creative block, it’s the right time to introduce Sacral charka crystals for creativity.

Here, you’ll be learning about the 7 best crystals for sacral chakra that can boost your creativity, as well as fill you up with the energy to need to get started.

So, without taking any more time, let’s explore which stone is the best fit for you.

7 Best Sacral Chakra Crystal For Creativity


Carnelian - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Carnelian is among the most remarkable healing crystals, especially when it comes to creativity. It is a stone, that was once highly associated with fertility, creativity, and leadership in regions of Egypt.

If you are having a hard time self-believing, getting back the problem-solving attitude, and the streak of coming up with new ideas, this stone shall be your best companion.

It will help you bring balance in your thoughts, the ability to manage your emotions, and energize your Sacral chakra to create a free flow of energy within you.`


Calcite - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Calcite is a bright Sacral chakra crystal for creativity known to illuminate our source of art through the presence of its light. The stone is also known to fill us with energy, positive energy to help us get moving.

If one is unable to truly express themselves, it is the perfect stone to gift them. The stone will boost up their opinions, give them space to express themselves, and be comfortable in varying situations.

With the energy of Calcite, one would surely be able to overcome the block of creativity that can get to what excites them.


Citrine - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Citrine is a crystal for creativity and positivity that is focused on the healing process. If someone has gone through a life event, that has affected how their thought process, Citrine can be a great help.

Lay back, and place the stone directly above the Sacral Chakra. Focusing your energy on the stone will surely help unblock the flow of energy.

The stone is popularly also referred to as “merchant stone”, because of its ability to attract wealth in our lives. So, even if you are feeling trapped from a financial perspective, Citrine would be a great healing crystal.


Sunstone - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Sunstone is a healing crystal, popular for the leadership quality it illuminates. It is a crystal for people feeling underwhelmed and disconnected from their true selves.

Sunstone being among the best Sacral chakra crystal for creativity, help in re-igniting the fire of getting up, and getting the work done.

It is a stone that you shall also keep in your workspace, as it helps in coming up with new ideas just like a new dawn, every day.

Tiger Eye

Tiger Eye - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

The Tiger eye stone was traditionally worn by the leaders of the tribe. It was known that the stone has the ability to attract wealth, stay protected, and build an innovative and leadership mindset.

Today, the Tiger eye crystal is among the most popular healing crystals in the world.

It is a stone that promotes leadership quality, the ability to take a stand and share your ideas. If one is pulling themselves down, not exploring their creative side effectively, the Tiger eye would be the best crystal for creativity and Sacral chakra specifically.


Moonstone - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Moonstone is another popular and powerful Sacral chakra, known for unblocking our creativity.

It is a healing crystal that is known to share its feminine energy. One that is known for the creation and nurturing.

Someone feeling lost and lack creativity must introduce the moonstone into their lives. It works in sync with our Sacral Chakra and boosts our creativity.

It also ensures that your emotional health doesn’t compromise from burn out and whatever you do, you do it for the long run.


Amethyst - Sacral Chakra - Creative Crystal

Amethyst is one of the most in-demand healing crystals in the world. This highly powerful and prosperous healing crystal is known for its many benefits.

Some of these are protection, leadership, mindfulness, and self-belief.

We learned how Moonstone balances masculine energy with its feminine energy. Similarly, if one is unable to focus, and get the work done, Amethyst balances its feminine energy with its masculine energy to stay focused and driven towards your goal.

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Getting the best Sacral chakra crystal for creativity can be highly rewarding. Not just if you are unable to connect with your creative side, but also if you are looking to break the glass ceiling.

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Aquamarine: Meaning, Properties, Zodiac, Benefits, & Use

Aquamarine: Meaning, Properties, Zodiac, Benefits, & Use

The more we learn about the crystals, the deeper we dive into the worlds of mystical energy. In this journey, you’ll meet one of the most calming stones ~ the Aquamarine crystal.

Here, I am sharing with you, everything that you must learn about the crystal. You’ll learn about the meaning it holds, its healing properties, the Zodiac signs, and the use of this amazing crystal.

And by the end, I am sure you’ll be making a space in your crystal collection for an Aquamarine crystal to gift yourself.

Without taking any more time, let’s dive right into it.

What is Aquamarine?

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine crystal is a blue gemstone that helps in emotional clarity. It is a stone that represents youth, energy, and happiness. At the same time, it fills us with positivity, hope, and thoughtfulness.

The stone has a unique appeal towards it among spiritual can crystal enthusiasts making it among the most popular healing crystals.

Healing Benefits Of Aquamarine Crystal

There is a lot to learn about the Aquamarine crystal so let’s get started with the healing part.

Physical Healing

physical healing benefits of Aquamarine crystal

The physical healing benefits of Aquamarine crystal are well versed by many scholars and crystal enthusiasts. The stone is popularly known to help in sore throats, swollen glands, and thyroid problems.

Some other, highly effective physical healing benefits of the Aquamarine crystals are:

  • The crystal is known to cure health issues related to breathing.
  • It helps with alleviated sinus, and headaches related to it.
  • The stone also helps in curing the lungs and the respiratory system.
  • If one is suffering from various allergies, hay fever, and cold, Aquamarine can be a great help.
  • The Aquamarine crystal also helps in purifying our blood and ensuring immunity.

Emotional Healing

emotional healing benefits of Aquamarine crystal

The emotional healing benefits of Aquamarine crystal are to make us calm, secure, and confident within ourselves. The healing crystal reflects the flow of water, the sense of letting life happen, and being comfortable with it.

Here are a few other healing benefits of aquamarine crystal:

  • The stone helps in getting over traumas, helping us move on from the bitter past.
  • Aquamarine helps us get to settle in places and life situations.
  • It is also a crystal that helps with anger issues and managing chaos.
  • The healing crystal also makes communication much more easier and comfortable.

Spiritual Healing

spiritual healing benefits of aquamarine crystal

The spiritual healing benefits of aquamarine crystal are towards our growth in the journey of enlightenment. If one is on the path of making meditation and consciousness part of life, Aquamarine is a great companion.

The spiritual healing benefits of Aquamarine crystals are:

  • It works with our throat chakra, calms us, and helps us communicate better.
  • The crystal also helps us in making ourselves calm and focused.
  • It is a crystal that also improves our breathing, that plays a key role in meditation.
  • The Aquamarine healing crystal keeps our emotions in check and has clarity of thoughts and goals in our lives.

Aquamarine Zodiac Sign

Aquamarine Zodiac Sign

Aquamarine is among the powerful healing crystal, fit for almost all signs. But the few that must welcome Aquamarine zodiac signs are Pisces and Aquarius.

Both are water signs, and the Aquamarine crystal fits perfectly with the lifestyle and the mindset.

Aquamarine Chakra

Aquamarine Chakra

Aquamarine is a crystal that helps in cleansing and aligning our throat chakra. The crystal makes sure that the flow of energy is not obstructed and that we feel comfortable within our skin.

Bonus Read

Aquamarine crystal is a powerful healing stone that many people look forward to. It is found in various forms like a bracelet, pyramids, pendants, and more. That means you can easily wear it, place or carry it around.

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Throat Chakra Healing: How to unblock, Crystals and benefits

Throat Chakra Healing How to unblock, Crystals and benefits

Do you feel trouble making a decision? This means you know what to do, but do you feel a constant need for approval? If that is the case for someone, share this article with them.

The throat chakra is the fifth chakra among the seven. A position where it is the first chakra that directly embraces spirituality.

The root chakra is to keep us grounded, Sacral for creativity, Solar for energy, heart for love, and throat for truly beginning your spiritual journey.

We are going to learn about throat chakra healing, what blocks it and how will you know you have unblocked it. So without taking any more time let us get started.

What is throat chakra?

What is throat chakra?

The throat chakra is a wheel or ball of energy located at the center of the throat. It is a chakra that aligns our actions with our thoughts and balances our physical and mental energy.

Visually, the color of the throat chakra is blue. Representing the calmness, fluidity, and abundance that this chakra holds.

What is throat chakra responsible for?

The throat chakra is mainly responsible for communication. Now be it with the world you interact with or thoughts you let pass in your head. Often time, there is a lot of noise in our heads.

Opinions from parents, guardians, friends, and even the people on the internet. All this can cloud judgment and make it hard for us to know what we want.

When we unblock the throat chakra, the healing starts reflecting on our communication. In situations where it would have to be hard to present our views, it becomes much easier. Hence our decision-making and ability to take a stand improves

What blocks throat chakra?

What blocks throat chakra?

Our throat chakra gets blocked due to our environment. On one side where the air is getting polluted, and it is becoming irregular to maintain a healthy diet. This is one major reason.

Another is again, the environment. But this time people, ideas, and mindset we surround ourselves with. We absorb a lot of energy from our environment and hence it is important that we keep it in check, or at least ensure it doesn’t rub off.

Crystals for the throat chakra

Crystals are a great way to unblock our chakras. They are like stepping stone that cleanses our energy and helps us in the journey of unblocking chakras.

Here are the top 5 healing crystals for throat chakra that you can use.

1. Aquamarine


Aquamarine is considered to be the healing crystal for the throat chakra. Being a crystal of courage the stone fills you with positive energy to rise up and present your thoughts and ideas clearly.

At the same time, you’ll find yourself much more in a much deeper state of exploration. A therapy where you go through your own thoughts and find answers to your own solution.

2. Sodalite


When you see the Sodalite crystal, you’ll notice that it’s a stone that emits power. It has both the full energy of water and the toughness of the ground.

You can use Sodalite crystal to unblock the throat chakra. You’ll feel supported in your thoughts and actions. Become confident with your ability and do the action rather than thinking when you know it is right.

3. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is among the most popular healing crystals that are bought around the globe. The stone is filled with the power of awareness. 

From speaking the truth to becoming able to identify the truth. Lapis Lazuli becomes one ultimate healing crystal for the throat chakra.

If you are in a position where you have to interact with a lot of people, present your ideas and influence them, you must get yourself a Lapis Lazuli crystal.

4. Blue Kyanite

Blue Kyanite

Communication happens best when the intuitions are strong. What questions can be asked, what motives can be there and what are people trying to say?

Blue Kyanite crystal helps in understanding that. It helps us hit the right balance between listening and speaking. Also, it helps in making the environment around us much more positive and conversational.

5. Blue Aventurine

Blue Aventurine

Lastly, the best healing crystal for the throat chakra is the Blue Aventurine. A crystal that is very gentle and promotes calmness and steadiness within us.

It amplifies our masculine energies, enhances our inner strength, and at the same time brings self-discipline. If you are not able to hold on to your healthy habits, Blue aventurine will be a crystal that will surely help you in your journey.

How Do You Know Your Throat Chakra Is Open?

From the day you start your journey of unblocking your throat chakra, you’ll start seeing change. You’ll have higher creative senses, you’ll come up with unique solutions, and most importantly, you be sharing them much more easily.

But while the journey is rewarding, the destination would even more fruitful.

When the throat chakra is open, being comfortable in an uncomfortable situation will become your nature. You will be less angry and feel much calmer and relaxed with your thoughts and surrounding.

To say the least, you’ll start living in the present.


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7 Best Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

7 Best Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

We all have heard about gratitude and why we need it in our lives. From journaling to self-reflecting meditation, we all seek to bring a little more gratitude to ground us. And to help make this journey a little better, I am sharing the 7 best crystals for gratitude.

These gratitude crystals are natural elements that calm us and clear our heads. The crystal also adds many more benefits, that you’ll be learning right here in this article.

Gratitude is the feeling of being thankful. Showing appreciation in return for kindness. But this is not just limited to people around us. Gratitude can be towards nature, towards life, towards everything that is making our lives easier, happier, and better.

While learning about the best crystals for gratitude, we’ll be learning more about healing crystals, their us,e and how gratitude crystals are making our life easier.

Without taking any more time, let us get started with our list.

7 Best Crystals For Gratitude


Sunstone - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Sunstone is among the best crystals for gratitude and positivity. It is a crystal that acts as a source of stability, and creativity in our lives. It is when we start feeling fulfilled, that we start appreciating things in our lives as well.

It is a gratitude crystal, aligned with the energies to boost our leadership and thoughtfulness. All these positive and creative energies keep us on the path to achieving our goals.

At the same time, keeps us grounded and feels us the gratitude that we are seeking.


Citrine - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Citrine is a popular yellow healing crystal with a huge demand across the world. The crystal is considered the natural source of positivity and manifestation in nature.

It is a crystal that every healing crystal enthusiast collects and uses to keep happiness stored within them.

If you feel like you lost the innocence and creativity that you had a few years ago, Citrine crystal will peel off the layers and help you reconnect with yourself.

The feeling of being connected to your true self, makes us feel complete and grounded. Making Citrine is among the best crystal for gratitude.


Amethyst - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Amethyst is unarguably a crystal that every crystal lover flaunts in their collection. A warrior stone aimed to protect as well as help you succeed in your life.

Amethyst shares the energies of a true warrior in our lives. Thankful for every day, making sure you squeeze the life out of every second and enjoy every breath you inhale.

All this puts us in a state of calm, relaxation, and unaffected by external factors that fill us with gratitude and positivity. If you are looking for your first crystal, I highly recommend you go with Amethyst crystals for gratitude and positivity.


Aquamarine - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Aquamarine is a gratitude crystal that people believe, represents water. The sense of being fluid with life, and not opposing the changes. Aquamarine stands out as a powerful healing crystal, aligned to make us feel fulfilled and thankful in our lives.

It is a crystal, that keeps us calm in tough situations, and energetic when tasks require it. Overall, Aquamarine crystal is a stone for people who are feeling lost and confused.

Aquamarine will help in cleaning out negative thoughts and motivating us towards going with the flow of life. Making Aquamarine among the best crystals for gratitude to you.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Clear Quartz is considered the master healer among all crystals. It is a gratitude crystal that helps in healing our physical, emotional, and spiritual forms to help us be in control of our actions, thoughts, and senses.

If it is hard for you to trust someone, it’s hard to stay strong in your vulnerability Clear Quartz is the best healing crystal for you.

The stone will help you regain your strength, take back control in your hands, become much more acceptable towards people, and change situations. This calmness through the clear quartz makes it among the best crystals for gratitude.


Rainbow Moonstone- Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Moonstone is among the top crystals for gratitude due to its ability to keep our emotional tides in check. A crystal associated with feminine energy calms our rage and makes us much easier to communicate with.

The stone also helps in be happy with all the gifts we receive. Small but significant events, that we might overlook, the stone makes us much more thankful towards them.


Rainbow Fluorite - Crystals For Gratitude, Positivity & Happiness

Fluorite is the final, but one of the best crystals for gratitude that you can get for yourself. It is a healing crystal that works with our mindset. Rather than changing, it helps us better understand both sides of a situation and make better decisions. 

Instead of making any rational decisions, Fluorite helps in ensuring that we understand everything and then take the action. All this keeps us calm, confident, and much more positive in our life.

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Clear Quartz Crystal: Meaning, Properties & Use

Clear Quartz Crystal meaning, properties

Among all the powerful and popular healing crystals, Clear Quartz Crystal holds a different stage. It is a crystal that every crystal enthusiast wants and recommends to their friends and family.

A crystal that is known as the “Master Healer” and by the end of this article, you’ll know why.

I am sharing with you, everything that you must learn about the clear quartz crystal.

With all this amazing world of crystal to learn about, let us get started with the article right away.

What is Clear Quartz?

What is Clear Quartz?

Clear Quartz Crystal is a mineral made of silicon atoms and Oxygen. It is a transparent, clear white color crystal extracted from open-pit mines.

Clear Quartz Crystal is among the most popular form of quartz along with the Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, and more.

It is a crystal that helps in healing us at various stages of physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. That is why it is among the popular healing crystal, used in various forms of self-healing activities.

Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

Healing Properties Of Clear Quartz

In the above section on what is clear quartz, we were talking about various healing benefits of clear quartz. Now, let’s dive deep into them and learn about them in a better way.

Physical Healing

At the physical level, clear quartz crystal plays a critical role in making sure our gut and immune systems work at their best. It is a crystal that ensures that all the toxins in our body are flushed and our physical health stays in its prime.

Before moving ahead on the ladder of health and healing, our physical body must be at peace. Clear quartz crystal ensures that and helps us stay confident to manage the daily chores of our life.

Emotional Healing

At the emotional level, clear quartz crystal helps you bring stability to thoughts and the flow of emotion. Rather than reacting, the crystal fills you with a third-person view of a situation, helping you make better decisions.

The crystal also protects you from negative thoughts and ensures that you are filled with positivity among you. The crystal is filled with energy to ensure that any block of emotion is removed, and you can learn and move ahead in your life much more smoothly.

Spiritual Healing

At the final stage, that is Spiritual healing the true potential of clear quartz crystal, starts to unfold. This healing crystal, unlike others, works with all our chakras, cleanses, and opens them to help us move ahead in our journey.

Clear Quartz And Zodiac Sign

Clear Quartz And Zodiac Sign

While clear quartz can be worn by any zodiac sign, people born under the Aries sign have clear quartz as a birthstone.

The sign can often push themselves hard towards the point of getting burned out in their work. And this leads to feeling demotivated and without balance in life.

A clear quartz crystal helps in getting over this constant battle and makes sure that we are always filled with motivation, without burning out.

Other than Aires, people with Leo signs can use Clear quartz for its benefit.

Clear Quartz And Healing Chakra

Clear Quartz And Healing Chakra

Clear quartz crystal works with our Crown chakra. A chakra that is associated with our spiritual experiences, our ability to interact with the world on a higher level and also learn more about the people just through our sight.

The Crown chakra is the top chakra, found right above our head. It is one of the hardest chakras to open, and in the journey clear quartz does play a huge role.

Bonus Read

Clear quartz crystal is one of the most powerful and well-known crystals that people across cultures have been using. A crystal that heals us at every stage of life and makes it easy for us to evolve our stage of consciousness.

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Citrine Crystal: Meaning, Benefits, Uses, Healing & More

Citrine Crystal Meaning, Benefits, Uses, Healing & More

Learning about various crystals and their benefits in our life is really fascinating. We all want to know about the crystals that can fill us with positivity and energy and our creativity in life. 

And if you ask me for a crystal for that, the first crystal that I will share is Citrine Crystal.

A powerful healing crystal, illuminating the energy around us from the moment we hold it in our hand.

In this article, I am sharing everything about Cirtirne crystal healing properties, benefits, and everything that you must know before buying it. Without taking any more time, let us get started.

What is Citrine Crystal?

what is citrine crystal

Citrine Crystal is a yellow healing crystal that is associated with creativity, positivity, and sexuality in our life. The bright color of the Citrine makes it easily stand out from any other yellow crystal. That is the reason, it is also among the most popular crystals that people tend to buy.

Citrine healing crystal works with our solar plexus chakra which is responsible for our self-esteem. confidence, the energy that we feel towards our work, and creativity.

Healing benefits of Citrine crystal

Along with what we have learned, there are many more healing benefits of Citrine crystal. We’ll be learning about most of them right here 

Physical healing

citrine crystal physical healing

The physical healing benefits of citrine crystal are around our digestion and energy. It is a crystal that makes us feel lighter, energetic, and active at efficient food consumption.

  • This crystal also improves our immune system and makes us fit to fight disease well.
  • Citrine ensures that our body properly digests and absorbs the food.
  • It improves our metabolism to keep us fit and healthy.
  • Keeps us energetic and focused in our day-to-day life.
  • Ensures better health and an active lifestyle.

Emotional healing

emotional healing citrine crystal

The emotional healing benefits of citrine crystal are around creative and sexual energy. It is a crystal that keeps us on our path and helps in overcome difficult situations.

  • This crystal builds our self-esteem and makes it easy to present our thoughts.
  • Citrine also pushes us to take the first step and build leadership quality.
  • It improves our conversational ability and makes it easy for us to connect with people.
  • Citrine also boosts our creativity and ability to solve problems much more easily.

Spiritual healing

Citrine crystal Spiritual healing

The Spiritual healing benefits of citrine crystal are around our Solar Plexus chakra. Citrine healing crystals work towards aligning this chakra and ensuring a good flow of energy within our body.

  • Citrine crystal helps us in taking action and advancing towards awakening.
  • It balances our different states of being, that is physical, emotional, and spiritual.
  • This crystal also makes us feel settled and contained for balance in our life.
  • It is used during meditation, reiki, and other healing activities.

Who Should Wear Citrine Crystal?

Citrine is the best crystal for Sagittarius and Pisces. These are the signs that are most affected by the position of the moon, resulting in constant changes in an emotional state. 

Citrine crystals help in bringing balance to this state, helping them make better decisions and protecting them from being manipulated.

Other signs can also wear the Citrine for its creative energy and the ability to make easy communication.

How Can You Tell If citrine crystal Is Real?

How Can You Tell If citrine crystal Is Real?

The best way to test a citrine crystal is by closely observing its color. Just like every other authentic healing crystal, the hue of Citrines won’t change. It stays constant as it normally does on the earth’s surface.

If the hue is consistent, it is most likely an original crystal. In case you see a change in the hue of the color, it might be a fake.

Lastly, the best way to be sure is through a laboratory test.

Final Words

Citrine crystal is definitely among the best and the most popular crystals that people are looking for. They are worn, placed, and flaunted by people of all beliefs.

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10 Crystals for positive energy & happiness at home

10 Crystals for positive energy & happiness at home

Looking for some of the best crystals for positive energy? You are on the right path. When creating a space for yourself, we often overlook the importance of the energy that place has.

It can be your office, your home, and for most of us now, it can be a home office. Every place has its importance in our life. And all we want is to make these places much calmer, happier, and filled with positive energy.

For that here are the 10 best crystals for positive energy that you can use in your life:

  • Turquoise
  • Citrine
  • Amethyst
  • Selenite
  • Sunstone
  • Clear Quartz
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Carnelian
  • Rhodocrosite
  • Lapis lazuli

Let us learn a little more about these crystals and pick the one that is the best fit for you.

10 Crystals For Positivity Energy And Happiness At Home


Turquoise is a highly influential crystal known for its property of directing our scattered energy toward creativity. A crystal that is known to attract peace and love within us. If you are an introvert who is facing difficulty in presenting your views Turquoise will be helpful. It will enhance communication skills, calm you and let you think much more clearly during tough situations.


Citrine is another crystal for positive energy that has been used by people of various ages and fields. It is a crystal known to bring abundance and happiness to our lives. And if you are someone who constantly feels under pressure, Citrine unlocks your carefree and creative attitude. At the same time, it empowers your mind to stay stable and make thoughtful decisions.


Amethyst is one of the powerful crystals for positive energy that you can either wear or place at your home or office. It is among the most powerful crystals that cut down negative energy and surround it with a positive aura. It is a crystal that also boots our immune system, enhances our health, and along with regular mediation helps in balancing our third eye chakra.


Selenite is a crystal that is also used to cleanse and recharge other healing crystals. Being one of the most purest and powerful crystals, Selenite can be among your top picks for the crystals for positive energy. It is a crystal that unblocks our energy, enhances our intuition, and promotes as much calms us.


Sunstone is a stone that is popular for its positive energy resonating with our Sun. It is among the stones that help in overcoming our depression, exploring new ways of thinking, and bringing stability to our life. Just like Amethyst, you can wear Sunstone crystal jewelry or place it at your home or office.

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz is also known as the master healer. A crystal that can heal all your states, that is physical, emotional, and spiritual. Clear Quartz is among the best crystals for positive energy as it is among the stone that heals our energy, makes us feel comfortable with ourselves, and then reflects the same energy from within us.

Tiger’s Eye

The Tiger eye is another powerful crystal for positive energy that was usually worn by the leaders. Often when you are growing in your life, you can feel stuck at a point. It can be hard to make a decision. Tiger eye helps you clear all the clouds of doubt and help you make better decisions and achieve your goals.


Carnelian is a healing crystal known for its ability to push away negativity and spark creativity within us. It is a crystal for positivity that helps in overcoming depression, promoting love in our life, and even energizing our lower chakras.


Rhodochrosite is a pink crystal for positivity that heals our physical and spiritual state. A crystal that stimulates love and passion within us and also the crystal that lifts us from feeling depressed. The crystal enhances our creative force and helps us push negativity away.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli might be among the first few crystals for positivity that people get for their homes. It is a crystal that boosts our immune system, improves our sleep, and soothes our inflammation. These physical changes also reflect on your emotional health. We start feeling much more in control and take better decisions. This state calms us and helps us focus on what’s important in our life.

Bonus read

When looking for the crystals for positive energy and happiness, you have to look for just one thing. Find the crystal that you resonate the most with. And that shall be your best pick.

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8 Most Amazing Grey And Silver Crystals You Should Know

Silver Crystal

Some of the most amazing and gorgeous healing crystals are grey and silver crystals. These dark crystals have very dense vibrations, thus used for making protection jewelry and amulets most of the time.

Grey crystals are known to possess powerful grounding energies to keep you in balance, harmony, protection, and away from negativity.

8 Best Grey And Silver Crystals

1. Grey Aventurine

Silver Crystal

Grey aventurine is an amazing grey crystal having exceptional physical healing properties. It helps lowering cholesterol, balance blood pressure, and boost metabolism.

Using grey aventurine on the skin helps get rid of skin eruptions, inflammation, and allergies. This silver crystal also soothes migraines and eyes and is great for the lungs, sinuses, heart, and urogenital system.

The dense but soothing energies of grey aventurine enforce leadership qualities and better decision-making in you. It also enhances compassion and good communication.

2. Grey Moonstone

Silver Crystal

Grey moonstone is the perfect silver crystal for spirituality. If you’re looking to enhance your spirit and psychic abilities, then find nothing more but this amazing healing stone.

Grey moonstone focuses on guided journeys, shamanic journeys, visualization, and meditation. It enhances psychic abilities of clairvoyance, third-eye, vision, and knowing.

The dark and deep hues of grey moonstone represent the deep-seated emotions and desires that need to come to the surface to fully open and let go.

3. Hematite

Silver Crystal

Hematite is a beautiful, shiny silver crystal. It improves the formation of blood sales and iron absorption in the body.

Hematite restores vitality, strengthens blood supply, and fights blood conditions like anemia. It is also considered the best healing crystal for anxiety and insomnia. Simply keep hematite under your pillow for a stress-free, restful sleep.

4. Larvikite

Grey Crystal

Larvikite is a grey crystal for the body and mind. It enhances youthfulness and vitality and treats skin disorders. Larvikite boosts metabolism, detoxifies the muscles, and purifies the body tissues. This grey and silver crystal also helps in the recovery from strokes.

Larvikite is also often used as a mediation stone as it stimulates psychic abilities and strong visions to help you connect yourself with your higher self. It enhances wisdom, creativity, and intellect. It is said that using Larvikite for a long time also allows you to recall your past life.

5. Labradorite

Silver Crystal

Labradorite is a dark grey crystal with shiny hues of blues, greens, and yellow. If you have any fears, internal or external, labradorite is their enemy. Labradorite sucks out all the fears, even the kinds that have been living inside you for years, and makes you free from them.

It alleviates anxiety, boosts confidence, and makes you fearless. Labradorite silver crystal also deals with the eyes and the brain. It helps relieve menstrual tension, balances hormones, lowers blood pressure, and treats cold, gout, and rheumatism.

6. Grey Agate

Silver Crystal

Grey agate is amazing at getting rid of negative energies and allowing positive energies to enter your body. This grey crystal is for grounding, strength, and protection.

Though agate may come in various colors, an agate with no mineral impurities is white, grey, or a dull blue-grey. Grey agate relieves fatigue, improves concentration, and analytical abilities, and soothes tension.

7. Grey Chalcedony

Grey Crystal

This beautiful grey crystal brings calm and inner peace to the wearer. It soothes self-doubt to make you more confident about your decisions and take a stand for yourself.

You can use grey chalcedony stone to reduce worriness in your nature. It centers your emotional energies and makes you more tranquil. It also reduces the effect of dementia, heals bones, and spleen, and increases physical healing.

8. Dendritic Opal

Silver Crystal

Dendritic opal has a dull white base. It’s the traces of black manganese dots and strikes that gives it a greyish look. It purifies blood, kidneys, and circulatory system.

Dendritic opal is known to help with relationships along with keeping the toxic aura away from you. It is the stone to enhance compassion, non-judgment, and empathy in even the hardest situations.

Final Words

Grey crystals are highly powerful because of their strong vibrations that leave an instant effect on the bearer. Wear silver crystal jewelry or keep them in your home for protection, self-development, and harmony.

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How To Cleanse Crystals? 7 Best Ways To Clean Crystals Effectively

cleanse crystals

Crystals are energies. They are used to heal, cleanse, and guide you. Every healing crystal has different powers and to keep that power intact, you must cleanse crystals.

You should understand that just the way we humans are a ball of energies that can be affected by positivity and negativity both, so is the healing crystals. With regular use of healing crystals, they too get tired of taking in and banishing so much negativity, that they too need cleaning from time to time.

If you do not cleanse your healing crystals regularly, they might lose their strength and power. But, there is a way to cleanse crystals.

In this article, I’ll be telling you about the 7 best ways to cleanse crystals to keep them recharged all the time.

7 Best Ways to Cleanse Crystals

1. Put them under the moonlight

Cleanse Crystals

The best way to cleanse crystals is to put them under the moonlight. The soothing and grounding energies of the moon are powerful enough to put life back into the healing crystals.

Make sure that your healing crystals are kept right under the moonlight. If you choose to cleanse crystals in this way, it’d be better to do it on a full moon night and leave them in an open area on your terrace or near the balcony for the whole night.

The white light of the moon and the calmness of the night can give complete rest to the crystals. 

The open space is necessary so that the negativity your healing crystal absorbed from you can be released back easily and your healing crystal is too free from it. The released negativity will be weakened as soon as it will be released battered and without a vessel.

Though you can cleanse all types of crystals with this method, this method may work faster and more powerfully with its related stones such as Selenite, Moonstone, Labradorite, and Opal.

2. Smudge them with palo santo and abalone

Cleanse Crystals

Abalone is a beautiful gift given to us from the mother ocean. Palo Santo is known to heal pain, relieve stress, and banish negativity.

Palo santo and abalone are the perfect combinations to cleanse crystals. Most ideally, you can cleanse crystals by smudging them with these two. Simply place your healing crystal tumbled stones, palm stones, or jewelry in the abalone shell and smudge them lightly with the palo santo stick.

You can also keep your healing crystals in the abalone shell and light the palo santo like the incense stick. Now, let the smoke come out of the palo santo. Move the stick in a clockwise motion around the shell and the crystals

Doing this, you might feel your crystals getting slightly lighter. Do this for at least 5 to 7 minutes in 1-minute breaks. You can cleanse healing crystals of all types using this method.

3. Surround them with the smoke of holy sage

Cleanse Crystals

Holy sage is another most powerful and popular way to cleanse crystals. You need is a sage bundle for it. The use of bundled sage goes way back millions of years in teh ancient times.

As soon as you light the sage, its energies start to release and heal and cleanse everything kept near it. Place your healing crystals on a clean shelf or cloth and surround your healing gemstones with sage’s smoke. Not just your crystals will be cleansed but also your room, your body, and your aura will also be cleansed.

4. Recharge them near the warmth

Cleanse Crystals

Just like the energies from the moon, the warm heat from the fire is also another great way to cleanse crystals. Place your healing crystals in a ceramic, wooden, or earthen bowl and keep them in the center.

Surround the bowl with four to five candles and let that area become warm. However, make sure that your candles are not too close to teh bowl as it might cause overheating of the crystals. We’re trying to warm them, not heat them.

Another thing you should remember is to only use the natural heat from the fire. Do not keep them under light bulbs, halogens, or electric lamps, or keep them inside the microwave.

Also, this method to cleanse crystals may not be good for all healing crystals as many crystals are not meant to keep under the heat such as agate, amethyst, pearl, quartz, tiger eye, topaz, turquoise, citrine, malachite, opal, pearl, quartz, topaz, and turquoise.

5. Bury them for a day

Cleanse Crystals

Who can nurture and cleanse crystals better than the mother earth? The soil has teh power to heal and cleanse almost anything. It gives nutrients to plants, fruits, and vegetables.

It has also been used as the perfect cleansing product for hairs, the face, and the body. Most cosmetic brands are also using earthly products like fuller’s earth and charcoal in their products for their benefit.

Mother earth is the savior for many natural and unnatural elements and their use of it to cleanse crystals is very soothing and effective. Just find a soft spot in your backyard where teh grass is greener and softer and bury your healing crystals for 24 hours.

The complete change in the temperature and the environment in teh 24 hours will help crystals in all ways and cleanse them completely.

6. Submerge them in pure rainwater

Cleanse Crystals

This method to cleanse crystals may not be adapted whenever you want. You may choose to submerge your healing crystals in regular water, but nothing can beat the power of the rainwater.

When there is a season for rain, simply collect the clean rainwater in a bowl and submerge your healing crystals for at least 2 to 3 hours. The only water-friendly crystals are:

  • Smokey Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Agate
  • Moonstone
  • Carnelian (not in saltwater)
  • Black Obsidian
  • Rutilated Quartz
  • Jasper
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Clear Quartz
  • Rose Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Aventurine

Before you submerge your healing crystals, make sure that the water is not at any extreme temperature like too hot or too cold. Also, make sure there is no dust on the healing crystals that might pollute the water physically. After taking your crystals out after 2 to 3 hours, wash them quickly under another batch of freshwater to get rid of any old water droplets.

7. Take the help of other cleansing crystals

Cleanse Crystals

Did you know that you can use other healing crystals to cleanse crystals that need to be cleansed? Selenite is the most powerful crystal that can cleanse any stubborn and dense negative energy.

Selenite is also the only crystal that requires no cleansing for years and years. Other powerful crystals that can be used to cleanse crystals are amethyst, quartz, and crab fire agate.

You can either create a circle connecting the cleansing crystals and place the healing crystal in the middle that needs cleansing. Or, you may use a batch of small tumbled stones of the cleansing crystals and submerge the healing crystal inside those tumbled stones. Leave your crystal among the cleansing crystals for 24 hours.

Bonus Read

Using healing crystals daily is an amazing practice, but it’s also necessary to clean them as required. Follow these methods to cleanse crystals effectively. I’d recommend you cleanse healing crystals every two months to keep them always recharged and energized.

But on top of it all, it’s more crucial to use genuine and original healing crystals in the first place to heal. Find the 100% high-quality wholesale crystals and gemstones at Tocrystal.

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8 Best Crystals For Money: Manifest Wealth & Prosperity

Best crystal for money and wealth

Often our relationship with money can be a little complicated. It depends on where we come from, how we see wealth creation and at what stage of life we are living. But whatever your case may be, we all can agree that we need money in order to peacefully interact with this world.

But how can crystals for money help you attract wealth and prosperity?

Short answer: By harmonizing your energy and building a strong bond with wealth in your life.

We often create block energy around attracting money in our life. As a result, we always find it hard to attract wealth in our life. These 8 crystals for money help in improving our bond towards wealth and help in achieving our financial goals.

Let us learn more about these top 8 crystals for money and see how can they help us.

8 Best Crystals For Money to Attract Wealth & Prosperity


Crystals For Money

Pyrite is one of the most popular crystals for money and wealth. It is a crystal widely popular as a “Fools Gold” due to its appearance, but its energy is unlike any other crystal. It helps us accept the abundance of the universe and strengths our energy to attract wealth and prosperity in our life. Some people often carry this crystal in their purse and also keep it near the cash register in order to manifest money.

Tiger Eye

Crystals For Money

The Tiger Eye is a stone that is believed to be used by the leaders of the tribe. It is a stone that improves our decision-making and achieves our set goals. As a leader’s stone, Tiger Eye helps you attract wealth from different channels and opens up new ways in your life to grow. You can wear a Tiger eye pendant or bracelet in order to stay in touch with this powerful energy manifest money in your life.


Crystals For Money

Amethyst is surely one of the best crystals for money. It is a third eye chakra crystal that strengthens our power of manifestation, perceives our future, and makes better decisions in our life. In the presence of Amethyst crystal, you’ll find yourself comfortable in coming up with new and creative methods to grow wealth and achieve a better state of life. You can place Amethyst crystal at your workplace, especially on your work desk to always be surrounded by its energy.


Crystals For Money

Citrine is a source of positive energy. A crystal that fills our hearts with joy and minds with creativity. It helps us open up to new possibilities in our lives and attract money that feels seamless. Does this mean you won’t have to make an effort? No that’s not what this crystal does. It helps you enjoy the work you do and help you get a positive outlook of your life. When you enjoy your work, you grow rapidly and so does your wealth. Wearing a crystal bracelet assure that.

Clear Quartz

Crystals For Money

Clear Quartz is among the best crystals for money due to its ability to heal us. Rather than creating a wall around the ‘money’, this crystal works on improving your relationship with it. If you are falling to attract wealth and prosperity, Clear Quartz energize your thoughts and gives them in the right direction.

Green Jade

Crystals For Money

Green Jade is a crystal for prosperity and abundance in our life. It eliminates the fear of failure and makes us fill with the energy to attract wealth in our life. You can use Green Jade tumbled stone in your office as decor and the stone will soothe you and create wealth without fearing or stressing over it too much.


Crystals For Money

Peridot is among the crystals for money that is known to eliminate the emotional blockage in our life. It is a crystal that puts our belief into ourselves and fills us with the confidence to attract wealth. You can use Peridot crystal during your meditation to manifest money and prosperity in your life.


Crystals For Money

Amazonite is a crystal for money that balances our success with wealth. It is a crystal that works with our heart chakra and throat chakra to bring harmony within us and attract wealth as we desire. It clears our path and removes holding backs when it comes to being open towards abundance.

Bonus Read

Often the relationship with money is a little complicated. People want it in their life, but despair the people who have it. When you are using crystals for money, you overcome this first step and open yourself to a new opportunity and outcome in your life.

You start to attract wealth in your life, create a positive outlook in your life, and start working in harmony with the universe. And that’s how you start your journey to attaining financial freedom.

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15 Best Crystals For Luck And Success You Should Have

crystals for luck

Luck is a very controversial concept. Most people believe that it is something that happens by chance. However, there are a few things that you can do to turn luck in your favor.

One of them is using crystals for love and success. Yes, healing crystals are full of energies and vibrations that can be used to attract luck and success towards you.

All you need is to know what are the best crystals for luck and how to use them. So, let’s begin.

15 Best Crystals For Luck And Success

1. Green Jade

Green jade has been a part of people’s lives for centuries. People in ancient times used to carry it to attract luck, abundance, friendship, peace, and harmony. Green jade is one of the best crystals for luck and success as along with attracting luck, it builds optimism in your overall personality to become an amplifier to the energies around you.

2. Lepidolite

Another one of the best crystals for luck and success is lepidolite. It banishes negativity and clears the bad energies to allow positive things like luck and success to come to you easily. It allows you to let go of the old negative behavioral pattern and brings inner peace.

3. Tiger eye

Keeping a Tiger eye in your home brings good luck, abundance, and fortune. It is also the crystal that enhances your confidence and attracts wealth. It is an incredible healing gemstone if you want abundant success through money, new opportunities, and business growth.

4. Garnet

Garnet is known to attract luck and success. This deep red healing crystal gives you the necessary strength to climb the ladder of success higher while supporting you with the luck you need. Garnet also protects you from the evil eye to ensure that there are no hindrances between you and success.

5. Citrine

Citrine is the best crystal for manifestations. Thus, it is very effective in manifesting good luck. Citrine is especially useful when it comes to finances, prosperity, and business. So, it is also one of the best crystals for career success.

6. Green aventurine

Green aventurine is purely for luck. It encourages you to take risks and also gets your back to lead you to success. Healing crystals for luck like green aventurine are often worn as jewelry or carried around during exams, job interviews, and business deals. It also stabilizes your emotions and allows you to make important decisions like finance.

7. Carnelian

Carnelian is the magnet for good luck and prosperity. It is the healing crystal to enhance ambition, drive, and determination which are all necessary attributes to achieve higher success. Carnelian is also believed to offer visualizations, better sleep, brighter skin, immunity, and better memory.

8. Clear quartz

Clear quartz offers mental clarity. It clears the mental barriers that stop you from achieving success. It’s an incredible crystal for luck and its high vibrations shake off negativity and fills you up with positivity. Clear quartz gives you the energy to face everything calmly that life throws at you, giving you luck and courage.

9. Malachite

Malachite is the luckiest crystal. It is the healer of every deep-seated trauma. Malachite brings you good luck and gives you the courage to face the past and let it go. It opens your heart chakra to remove all the blockages, feel loved, and encourage forgiveness.

10. Smoky quartz

Smoky quartz clears the cloudy energies and attracts good luck, good fortune, and success. It allows you to feel more positive and make decisions that are growth-oriented. Smoky quartz releases stressful energies, bring emotional balance and purify your aura.

11. Peridot

Peridot is an energizing stone. It is the bringer of zest, energetic vines, fun, joy, luck, and prosperity and is one of the most important crystals for luck. Its powerful ability to make you feel calm, safe, and grateful in every situation is very mysterious. Peridot also has magical powers to heal you physically. It helps in curing diseases relating to the spleen, lungs, breasts, lymph, stomach, eyes, and thyroid.

12. Amazonite

Amazonite is one of the most powerful crystals for luck. It instills truthfulness, integrity, and honor in the wearer. It harnesses good luck, prosperity, and fortune. This healing stone is said to have a soothing effect on the mind and body. It calls on the inner spirit to manifest luck, optimism, and abundance to fill life with what you desire.

13. Aquamarine

Aquamarine resurfaces emotions and banishes trauma. It cools your temper, reduces anger, treats anger issues, and makes you calm cool, calm, and happier. This is among the crystals for luck that brings an instant positive change in your personality which is very welcoming for luck, fortune, and growth.

14. Selenite

Selenite is the crystal to feel cleansed, pure, and clear. It clears the blockages, promotes calmness, clarity, and peace, uplifts the spirit, activates intuition, and attracts luck and harmony. It is a powerful space cleanser and should be kept in every room of the house and office.

15. Rose quartz

Rose quartz is one of the best crystals for luck and love. It is one of the best crystals for relationships and marriages. Rose quartz attracts new love while promoting self-love, self-actualization, and self-awareness. It encourages you to look forward in life, harness growth, and achieve success.

How to use crystals for luck and success?

The best way to use crystals for luck and success is to carry them wherever you go to be under the umbrella of its energies all the time. People often prefer wearing crystal jewelry so that it brushes against their skin to allow the energies to flow within the body throughout the day.

You may also want to mediate with these crystals for luck to amplify the energies for manifesting luck, love, success, and prosperity.

Bonus Read

Luck, if not a complete, does play some role in our everyday lives. Though your hard work will always shine through, luck allows it to shine faster and brighter. Use these best crystals for luck and success to attract good luck, good fortune, and higher success.

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What Are 7 Chakra Crystals? Colors, Benefits, Activation, and More

7 chakra crystal

Our mind, body, and soul are all driven by energies. And these energies are placed at a particular place in our bodies called Chakras. There are 7 chakras within our body that affects how we behave, think, perceive, believe, and our every conscious and unconscious action.

These 7 chakras can be activated, balanced, and aligned for better and healthier living. To fulfill that purpose, there comes 7 chakra crystals that are used to amplify our energies and successfully tame the chakras.

In this article, I’ll be telling you everything you need to know about the seven chakras and the 7 chakra crystals.

What Are The 7 Chakras?

Chakras mean wheels in Sanskrit. These 7 chakras are the main energy points in our body that are:

1. Root chakra – Muladhara

Root chakra

The root chakra is in the color red and is located at the very base of your body, at the perineum area. The root chakra is associated with grounding, survival, safety, and comfort.

2. Sacral chakra – Svadhisthana

Sacral chakra

The sacral chakra is shown in the bright orange color and is located at the sacrum area of your body. It is associated with sexuality, pleasure, emotions, sensuality, and creativity.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura

Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is located just above your navel and is indicated with the color yellow. The solar plexus is associated with self-esteem, ego, strength, power, and digestion.

4. Heart chakra – Anahata

Heart chakra

As you can presume by the name, the heart chakra is allocated where the heart is – at the center of your chest. It has the color green and is often associated with love, kindness, peace, and compassion.

5. Throat chakra – Vishuddha

Throat chakra

The throat chakra is indicated with the color turquoise blue. It is located where your throat is, at the back of your neck. It enhances communication, expression, purification, and honesty.

6. Third eye chakra – Ajna

Third eye chakra

Your third eye chakra is located between your eyebrows. It is indicated with the indigo color.  The third eye chakra is associated with psychic abilities, visions, clairvoyance, imagination, and intuition.

7. Crown chakra – Sahasrara

Crown chakra

The crown chakra is where you’ll place a crown, at the top of your head. It is in the color violet. The crown chakra is responsible for knowledge, spirituality, fulfillment, and self-realization.

What Are The 7 Raw Chakra Stones?

1. Red Jasper – Root chakra

7 Chakra Crystal red jasper

Red Jasper is the supreme nurturer. It’s the 7 chakra crystals for comfort, soothing, and tranquility. It is the best crystal for root chakra since it grounds you to your roots by balancing the yin-yang, comforts you during difficult times, and helps you open and activate your root chakra easily.

2. Carnelian – Sacral chakra

7 Chakra Crystal carnelian

Carnelian has all the functionalities that the sacral chakra is responsible for. Carnelian 7 chakra crystal brings joy, attracts the love of life, enhances sexuality, courage, and creativity, wards off emotional negativity, and boosts your lower chakra, sacral chakra.

3. Citrine – Solar Plexus Chakra

7 Chakra Crystal citrine

Citrine improves your metabolism to help you with better digestion. Since this 7 chakra crystal helps you activate your solar plexus chakra, you experience enhanced self-esteem, self-actualization, self-confidence, strength, and enhanced clarity. 

4. Rose quartz – Heart chakra

7 Chakra Crystal rose quartz

Rose quartz is the 7 chakra crystal for love. It is the best crystal for love, peace, and kindness. Rose quartz not only attracts new love but also promotes self-love and self-worth. It is also the best crystal for relationships.

5. Lapis lazuli – Throat chakra

7 Chakra Crystal lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is the best 7 chakra crystal to work with your throat chakra. It promotes wisdom and encourages you to speak the truth. Lapis lazuli improves your communication and gives you the confidence to voice your opinions and express your thoughts openly.

6. Amethyst – Third eye chakra

7 Chakra Crystal amethyst

Amethyst 7 chakra crystal banishes anxiety, sadness, and depression. It is highly associated with the third eye chakra as it helps you open the third eye, boosts your psychic abilities, fights the evil eye, enhances visions, and helps you connect with the otherworldly spirit realm.

7. Clear quartz – Crown chakra

7 Chakra Crystal clear quartz

Clear quartz benefits mirror its name and perfectly resemble the crown chakra functionalities. This 7 chakra crystal offers mental clarity, emotional stability, and knowledge. It clears the clouds of confusion and always allows you to make wiser decisions and makes you feel fulfilled and content.

How Do I Activate 7 Chakras?

7 Chakra activation

Meditation is the best way to activate your 7 chakras. Sit on the ground in a relaxed position which your legs crossed, wrists resting on your knees while your palms facing up. Touch the tips of your index finger and the thumb touching each other.

Closer your eye and breath deeply. Feel your body and head getting lightweight with each deep breath. Along with this, chant “Om” while elongating the end of the Om “M” with hum to create light vibrations. All these vibrations move throughout your body to touch every 7 chakras.

Doing this regularly for at least 20 minutes will help you activate and balance your 7 chakras easily. For best results, meditate with the 7 chakra crystal sets to amplify the energies around you and boost the effects.

You can also perform reiki at the end of each meditation session by placing each 7 chakra crystal on their respective chakra places on your body for 8 to 10 minutes and breathing deeply.

Bonus Read

Understanding, activating, and balancing your 7 chakras is easy. Simply follow this article to get the best healing results.

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