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Discover the mesmerizing range of Spheres.
Unleash the potential of wholesale palm stones for your thriving business. (1)
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Wholesale Crystal Supplier:

A leading Crystal & Gemstone Distributor in the USA

Buy raw natural healing crystals in bulk. Tocrystal presents a collection of the best-quality gemstone and crystal products at the best price—free shipping available in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and Singapore

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Why is Tocrystal the best crystal wholesale supplier for you?

buy druzy agate hearts online
Druzy Agate Heart

Tocrystal is a leading crystal wholesale supplier in the USA, shipping products worldwide. We aim to make buying wholesale crystals online easy and affordable for everyone.

  1. Go through our wide range of healing crystal products like crystal towers, carvings, tumbled, etc., and add your favorite products to your cart/inquiry.
  2. Click the cart button and adjust the quantity per your requirements.
  3. Fill up your contact information and checkout.

For smooth wholesale shipping, you must meet our minimum order value of $300 in total.

You’ll receive your order within 7-8 days if you are in the USA, or Canada.

How to Buy Bulk Crystal Online with Tocrystal?

Wholesale Amethyst Cluster Druzy Tower
Amethyst Cluster Druzy Tower

The wholesale crystal supplier market has been unorganized for the longest time. Finding suitable suppliers, affordable pricing, and professional business understanding for each individual is a task that takes up a lot of your time.

Tocrystal decided to make your work easy.

  • We believe in long-term business relations and free will to buy bulk crystal products online at your comfort.
  • One price doesn’t fit everyone. That’s why you see the best recent price at Tocrystal. Your total order price is shared with you once you forward your inquiry, depending on the availability and demand of the product in the market.
  • We grow when you grow. That is why every order you place is specially taken care off. From sourcing to shipping products safely, everything is catered professionally to ensure the highest quality of natural crystals reaches you.

Finally, we keep our store updated with new, trendy, and popular crystal products. This way, you always have a good reason to visit us and know what your customers would like to buy when they visit your store.

From Our Blog

Healing Gemstones & Crystal Wholesale

Tocrystal is the leading wholesale crystal supplier dealing in authentic and 100% quality crystals of all shapes and sizes. Our healing crystals are directly mined from the renowned quarries of India and are cleaned and shaped precisely to match international quality and demand.
We deal in all kinds of healing crystals, including crystal towers, druzy, clusters, carvings, pyramids, healing crystal bracelets, and more. We are shipping 300+ types of products to 110 countries with fast shipping. Contact Tocrystal to buy bulk crystals and gemstones at wholesale prices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to buy crystals to sell?

You can buy wholesale crystals at Tocrystal. It is among the easiest place to find crystals, which offers genuine natural crystals at the best price with global shipping.

What Crystal Sells the most in the USA?

Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Agate, Selenite, and, Citrine are among the most selling crystals in the USA.

How To Buy Crystals Wholesale Online?

To buy crystals wholesale online, find a reliable wholesale crystal partner like Tocrystal that sells natural crystals. You can find all types of crystals and their forms that you can buy easily.

What is the average shipping time for wholesale crystal in the USA?

Shipping wholesale crystals to the USA can take 7 to 12 days. It all depends on the quantity and availability of the crystals wholesale.

What are the benefits of buying wholesale crystals in the USA?

Buying wholesale crystals in the USA offers many benefits, such as lower prices, faster shipping, better quality, better support, and long-term business relations.