Tocrystal Buyer Protection Policy

Tocrystal is a leading wholesale crystal supplier and aims to deliver the most comfortable and secure crystal buying experience online.

Our eCommerce store is equipped with trusted systems & partners so that Tocrystal can deliver a hassle-free crystal buying experience.

This page shares the workflow of how your data, payment, and products are secure.

Buyer Protection

Tocrystal works with Mastercard & HDFC Bank, the secure and trusted payment partners.

Only after a rigorous background check and in-person investigation, can banks allow eCommerce (like Tocrystal) to use their payment gateway.

This aligns with the company’s 100% buyer protection policy so customers and businesses can engage in online payments safely.

Some of the additional safety and protection features that Mastercard Payment Gateway offers are:

  • Buyer Protection with 100% Refund
  • Advanced Transaction Risk Management
  • Tokenization & Data encryption
  • Regular security audits
  • Dispute resolution services

One can learn more about Mastercard Gateway security features on their official site.

Product Confirmation Pre-Shipping

At Tocrystal, we understand every crystal is different—and at the same time, it is vital for customers to know what they are buying.

To ensure customers are receiving exactly what they are looking for, we share photos and videos of the crystal products before shipping them to customers.

Customers can request replacement even before the products are shipped in case they have an issue with color, shape, or any other aesthetics of crystals.

What about after receiving the products? We are here to support your business all the way. Head over to Tocrystal Refund Policy & Terms Condition to learn more about after-sales support.

Trusted Shipping Partners

When we are shipping your crystal products–the safety of the products and faster shipping are the top priorities. All our crystal products are safely packaged in bubble wrap to avoid damage in transit.

That is why we work with the likes of global shipping partners such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, DPD, and more.

After an order is placed, Tocrystal updates the shipping partner information and Tracking ID in the customer’s dashboard and also shares the same information via email. This allows our customers to track their shipments and connect with us for any support they need.

Rest assured: Support within 24 hours

The wholesale crystal industry is still unorganized and we understand you may have your queries or need assistance regarding the order you placed with Tocrystal.

You can connect with our support team directly through Live Chat or drop us an email at [email protected] 

Our team will connect with you within 24 hours of your email and update you on any query or assistance you need.

Tocrystal is dedicated to delivering the best wholesale crystals with the best service possible. Browse through our Wholesale Crystal Collections and place your order with the leading wholesale supplier today.