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black Labradorite bracelets
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Black Labradorite Larvikite Bracelet

Black Labradorite Larvikite Bracelet

Material: Natural Black Labradorite

Shape: Round beaded healing bracelet

Size: Varies from length: 7 inches (approx.), Elastic: Stretchable, Beads: 8 mm (approx.),

Healing: Beautiful Black Labradorite healing beads bracelet that sharpens your intuition and psychic abilities. A courageous companion that helps you through struggles and life-changes. This healing bracelet alleviates anxiety and worries.

Purpose: Wear this Black Labradorite healing bracelet daily at work and at home for all time healing as it touches your body and heals effectively.

Use it during your yoga and meditation sessions too

Larvikite stone
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Larvikite Tower

Larvikite Tower

Material: Larvikite

Size: 3-4 inches (approx.)

Shape: Pencil tower (Pointed)

Healing: Larvikite healing crystal is amazing for enhancing youthfulness, vitality, and aiding in the cure of skin diseases. This healing crystal stone helps in cleansing, purifying, and detoxification.

Purpose: Use the Larvikite healing tower during meditation and yoga sessions for enhanced healing.