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Tree Agate Palm Stone

Tree Agate Palm Stone

Material: Tree Agate

Size: 20MM x 30MM (approx.)

Shape: Crystal Palm Stone

Healing: Tree Agate healing crystal palm stone regulates the balance of water in the body and boosts the immune system. It clears energy blockages.

Purpose: Keep this Tree Agate healing crystal palm in your hands. Roll it in your palms or keep it in touch with your body during yoga, reiki, or meditation rituals to utilize all the healing power.

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Tree Agate Tower

Tree Agate Tower

Element: Tree Agate

Size: Varies from 1 inch to 14 inches

Shape: Pencil Tower (Pointed)

Healing: The natural tree Agate crystal tower is a healing stone that is ultimately focused on clearing the blockage in the flow of energy. The better the flow of energy is in our the more joyful, stress-free, calm and peaceful we are.

Purpose: You shall use the Tree Agate stone to create meditative space or as we can say to generate positive energy in the house.