Black Tourmaline Bracelet – Chips

Made from Crystal Chips

$1.50 Piece

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Elevate your energy with our Black Tourmaline Chips Bracelet, available at unbeatable wholesale prices. Explore our collection of wholesale crystals, healing stones, and Crystals jewelry. Worldwide delivery ensures that customers in the USA, UK, and beyond can experience the protective and grounding properties of black tourmaline.


Bracelet Type: Black Tourmaline Chips Bracelet

Size: One size fits most

Healing Properties: The Black Tourmaline Chips Bracelet is a powerful accessory known for its protective and grounding qualities. This bracelet is crafted with genuine black tourmaline chips, believed to create a shield against negative energies and promote a sense of security. Black tourmaline is also thought to aid in the removal of stress and anxiety, fostering a calm and balanced state of mind. Embrace the protective aura of black tourmaline as you wear this bracelet and navigate your daily life with confidence.

Explore our collection of Black Tourmaline Chips Bracelets, each carefully designed to highlight the natural beauty and energy of black tourmaline. Our wholesale crystal jewelry offerings ensure that you can offer this unique bracelet to your customers or add it to your personal collection at the best prices.