Black Tourmaline, Citrine & Rose Quartz Orgone Pyramid

$4.00 Sold per Piece

Element: Black Tourmaline, Citrine & Rose Quartz

Size: Width – 8 cm, Length – 8 cm, Height – 6cm (approx.)

Type: Pyramid

Healing: Black Tourmaline is a stone used for its protection and grounding energy. It protects you from negative energy and shares the energy of the earth to keep you active and energised for your daily drive.

Citrine is a stone that strengths your intellect ability, encourages your creativity and relieves you from a feeling of depression and negativity.

Lastly, Rose Quartz is a stone known for its healing ability and its ability to promote love and compassion.

Purpose: The following healing and protection pyramid can be used to enhance the reiki, mediation and other healing practise.