Green Fluorite Palm Stone

Set of 7-10 Palm Stones

US $48.50 / Kg (2.2 lb)

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Harmonize your energies with the soothing vibes of our Green Fluorite Palm Stone! This gentle crystal, with its calming green hues, is a symbol of balance and clarity. Elevate your crystal collection with the serene beauty of Green Fluorite, shipped worldwide to infuse your meditative moments with tranquility.


Experience the peaceful energy of our Green Fluorite Palm Stone, a grounding crystal that brings a sense of balance to your being. Crafted from the calming green hues of Green Fluorite, this palm stone is known for its ability to enhance focus, promote emotional balance, and clear the mind. Green Fluorite is a conduit to tranquility and clarity.

Immerse yourself in the serene greens, each smooth surface telling a story of balance and well-being. Our Green Fluorite Palm Stone is the ideal companion for meditation and mindfulness. With worldwide shipping, let the calming energy of Green Fluorite reach individuals seeking inner peace around the globe.

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Weight1 kg