Howlite Palm Stone

Set of 7-10 Palm Stones

$45.35 / Kg (2.2 lb)

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Material: Howlite

Type: Palm stone

Size: Diameter – 4×4 cm


Discover the enchanting Howlite Palm Stone, a serene crystal available from Tocrystal, the leading wholesale crystal supplier. This exquisite palm stone, sized at approximately 4×4 cm, offers a unique and calming presence. Known for its ability to soothe and alleviate stress, Howlite promotes tranquility and deep relaxation. It enhances communication and self-expression, making it an invaluable tool for fostering authentic connections. Additionally, this crystal is believed to support the skeletal system and aid in relieving insomnia and headaches. Embrace the serene energy of the Howlite Palm Stone and experience its transformative power. Order now from Tocrystal to elevate your well-being and spiritual journey.

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Weight1 kg