Kambaba Palm Stone

Set of 7-11 Palm Stones

USD $37.82 / Kg (2.2 lb)

Element: Kambaba

Size: 4×5 cm (approx.)

Shape: Palm

Embrace the ancient energy of Kambaba Palm Stones. Discover the unique patterns and soothing vibes of this remarkable crystal.


Kambaba Palm Stones are a window to the past, carrying the wisdom of ancient Earth within their intricate patterns. As you hold these stones in your palm, you’ll feel a deep connection to the natural world. Kambaba is renowned for its ability to promote tranquility, grounding, and inner peace.

Unlock the mysteries of Kambaba, a crystal that resonates with the heartbeat of our planet. These palm stones are a reminder of the beauty and resilience of nature, making them ideal companions for meditation and relaxation.

Connect with the ancient rhythms of Kambaba – explore our collection now and experience the timeless energy of this extraordinary crystal.

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Weight1 kg