Natural Clear Quartz, Green Jade, Tiger Eye, and Citrine Crystal Orgone Pyramid

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Material: Natural Clear Quartz Green Jade, Tiger Eye, and Citrine, Copper, Resin, the Flower of Life Symbol

Shape: Orgone Pyramid

Size: Width – 8 cm, Length – 8 cm, Height – 6cm (approx.)

Healing: Green Jade healing crystal boosts the functions of heart, kidneys, nervous system, and immune system. it’s the symbol of virtue, love, and harmony.

Clear Quartz enhances the psychic abilities, stimulates the immune system, and brings balance.

Tiger Eye healing crystal stone gives power and luck to the bearer. It promotes mental clarity, focus, and unclouds the emotions. It is also used in aiding the cure of psychosomatic illnesses.

Citrine stimulates the brain, encourages self-expression, creativity, and releases depression and anxiety.

The Flower of Life reminds us of the unity of everything, the inter-connection of everything with the universal energy.

Purpose: Use this orgone healing pyramid while meditating, reiki, and yoga sessions. keep it in your office and home for all time healing.

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