Panther Skin Palm Stone Crystal Wholesale

Set of 7-10 Palm Stones

$46.82 / Kg (2.2 lb)

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Dive into the mystique of Panther Skin Palm Stones at unbeatable wholesale prices. Our collection features a variety of wholesale crystals, including healing stones, available in various shapes and sizes. We offer worldwide delivery, reaching customers in the USA, UK, and beyond.


Crystal Type: Panther Skin Palm Stone

Size: Approximately 4×5 cm

Shape: Palm Stone

Healing Properties: The Panther Skin Palm Stone is celebrated for its unique energy, believed to instill a sense of courage and strength. This crystal is thought to provide protection and enhance one’s ability to face challenges with resilience. It is often sought after for its grounding properties, helping individuals connect with their inner strength and intuition. The distinctive patterns on the Panther Skin Crystal are said to symbolize the stealth and grace of a panther, encouraging a harmonious blend of power and agility. Embrace the healing power of the Panther Skin Palm Stone as you navigate your spiritual journey with confidence.

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Weight1 kg