Peridot Orgone Pyramid

Minimum Order Quantity - 3 Pcs

USD $5.50 Piece

Material: Orgone pyramid, Peridot crystal chips, copper, Clear Quartz, Resin

Size: Width – 8 cm, Length – 8 cm, Height – 6cm (approx.)

Healing: Peridot is excellent for improving strength and vitality. This healing crystal will leave a calming effect on you and your surrounding, reducing anxiety.

Peridot healing stone is also known to heal liver and gallbladder issues.

Keep this Peridot Orgone pyramid in your home and office to maintain positivity and peace.

Clear Quartz is great for enhancing concentration and creativity. This healing crystal stimulates the immune system and creates balance. All your chakras can be aligned and harmonized.

Orgone Pyramids are known to absorb negativity and cleanse the aura of the place it’s kept in.

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