Red Goldstone Tumble Stone

Set of 35-40 Tumbled Stone

$37.95 / Kg (2.2 lb)

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Estimated Delivery Between: 25th July - 28th July

Element: Red Goldstone (Man-Made Crystal)

Size: 1.5 cm (approx)

Type: Tumble Stone

Ignite your inner spark with Red Goldstone Tumble Stones – exquisite man-made crystals that shimmer with ambition. Elevate your energy with their fiery presence.


Red Goldstone Tumble Stones, meticulously crafted as man-made crystals, are infused with passion and vitality. Their shimmering depths evoke the essence of adventure, inspiring courage and ambition. These stones are known for their ability to boost motivation, making them perfect companions on your journey to success.

Feel the fiery spirit of Red Goldstone as these man-made crystals infuse your life with energy and determination. Keep them close as talismans of ambition and resilience, reminding you to reach for the stars.

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Weight1 kg