Ruby Spinel Matrix Tower

Set of 7-11 Towers

US $45.28 / Kg (2.2 lb)

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Ruby Matrix Tower WholesaleDescription: Enhance your inventory with the dynamic and powerful energy of our Wholesale Ruby Matrix Towers. Crafted from high-quality Ruby Matrix, these stunning towers feature a captivating blend of deep red Ruby crystals embedded within a contrasting natural matrix. Each tower is expertly shaped and polished to highlight the striking beauty and potent energy of Ruby Matrix.

Measuring approximately 4-6 inches in height, each Ruby Matrix Tower is meticulously crafted to emphasize its natural elegance. These towers are not only visually stunning but are also celebrated for their energizing and healing properties.

Bulk Ruby Matrix TowerDistinctive Features: Our Ruby Matrix Towers are selected for their exceptional quality and visual appeal. Each tower is unique, showcasing the natural variations and intricate patterns characteristic of Ruby Matrix, ensuring a valuable addition to any collection.

Whether you are a wholesaler looking to expand your range of high-quality gemstones or a business aiming to offer distinctive geological specimens, our Ruby Matrix Towers are sure to captivate and inspire your customers. Enhance your inventory with these dynamic pieces of natural artistry today.

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Ruby Matrix