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Tiger Eye, Sunstone & Amethyst Orgone Pyramid

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Material: Natural and authentic Tiger Eye, Sunstone, and Amethyst Healing Crystal Orgone Pyramid, Clear Quartz wrapper with Copper

Size: Width – 3″”, Height – 2.5″”, Length – 3″”

Healing: Orgone pyramids are known to protect you from radiations, negativity, and boost the positive energies around and inside you.

Clear Quartz – Improves creativity, concentration, immunity, and body balance.

Tiger Eye – Promotes courage, good luck, mental clarity, and clears clouded emotions. this healing crystal is helpful in healing psychosomatic illness.

Sunstone – Instills good nature, self-realization, and blissfulness. This healing crystal alleviates fear, depression, and improves vitality.

Amethyst – Lifts anxiety and depression. This healing crystal also improves psychic abilities and intuition.