AGATE: Balance, Concentration, Grounding

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Introduction to the Agate Healing Crystal Properties

Chakras: Heart Chakra & Third Eye ChakraZodiac Sign: Gemini

“The Ultimate Reward In Your Life Is A Peaceful Sleep At Night And Choice To Wake Up In The Morning”

A mantra we all are aware of but are hardly reflected in our life. If your normal day starts with a to-do list in your head and ends with some unchecked columns for the next day.

If you are drained out of energy, missing the sense of balance and a constant sense of fear and panic, then you are my friend, would fall in love with Agate.

First discovered in France between 20,000 to 16,000 B.C. this mystical and beautiful stone date backs to more than 2.50 billion years in ancient historical records.

Ancient Mesopotamia used Agate Crystal to signify strength, and ancient Chinese wore this healing crystal to purify their mind and cleanse their energies.

But how can this healing stone be helpful to you? Let’s learn the true purpose and properties of this crystal to learn why it is the best healing crystal for you.

Agate Crystal In Today’s World

Agate is a powerful mystical stone, serving more than just one purpose in your life. But, to keep it short, simple, and direct, learn that Agate Crystal possesses two main healing properties.

1. Bringing Balance In Your Life

2. Sharing Its Grounding Energy

3. Enhancing Your Concentration

Bring Balance In Your Life

A sense of peace and accomplishment is very crucial in order to stay calm-headed and see things as they are.

Rage, fear, and panic create a delusion in our heads. Agate being Agate slows it all down.

The stone vibrates at a lower frequency, which calms you down, and gives you extra time to think first, and then react.

A better instinct will help you in relieving stress, getting over the anxiety and tension that you keep carrying on your shoulders.

The stone free’s you up and gives the sense of completion that one might be always seeking. Hence bringing a balance of emotion, health, energy, and power.

Grounding Us With Energy Of The Earth

Agate is a healing stone and our anchor to the earth. While it shares a sense of stability, it also shares a constant supply of energy in our life. 

Overall this helps in getting over the feeling of being burned out and being restless due to a bag full of stress and pressure.

Moreover, as the source of energy is the earth, Agate also shares the hidden properties which bring balance and re-aligning your connection with nature.


A calm head, free from anger, stress, and anxiety works much more efficiently. It doesn’t have other factors affecting its decision-making skill, hence giving you a better concentration in your work.

It is also a reason why people who perceive the power of Agate seem a little more calm, organized, and goal-driven. And we all know they accomplish it.

How To Use Agate Crystal

Just like any other healing and protection crystal, you can use Agate Crystal in mainly three forms.

1. By Wearing It

2. By Carrying It

3. By Placing It

1. By Wearing The Crystal

It is the best way to use your Agate crystal as this way you will always stay in contact with the energy that the stone is reflecting. You can wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or even as an earring and this crystal will still work on balancing your emotions and grounding your energies with the earth.

2. By Carrying The Crystal

In addition to wearing an Agate crystal, you can also carry the stone in your purse, pocket or bag. This way you can easily come in contact with stone whenever you find yourself under a sense of fear, or anxiety.

3. By Placing The Crystal

Lastly, you can even place the Agate healintg crystal at the place where you can look at it each and every day. Not only will it be helping you, but as a matter of fact, the stone would be reflecting its energy within all the people who fall under its radius.

Best Affirmation to Use With Agate Crystal

In order to uncover the full potential of the Agate Stone and in order to accept the new energies in your life, you need more than just a crystal. You need to convince yourself to accept the healing and pick yourself back from the dirt.

To get started, you can recite the following Affirmation with Agate Crystal.

I Am Enough, I Do Enough, I Have Enough. 

I Am Accepting Balance In My Life and I Am Accepting The Healing In My Life.

I Am Enough, I Do Enough, I Have Enough.