ABALONE: Protection, Emotion, Balance & Calmness

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What are Abalones?

Also adored with the names like “Sea Ears” or “Ear Shells”, Abalone Shell belongs to the group of large mollusks and sea-snails.

This shell has been used to satiate the hunger of many – be it the hunger of the stomach, the hunger of the mind, or the hunger of the soul. Yes, that’s true. A large number of the population eat Abalones as they’re just like clams and oysters.

Except, unlike clams and oysters, Abalones don’t have one flat, ear-shaped shell, but instead have tentacles and feet.

Abalone shells are very strong and highly durable. Made with calcium carbonate, stacked like bricks. A clingy protein substance is presented between the layers which protects it from shattering. The protein stretches and creates a strong wall to take heavy blows.

Animals like Otters have learned to be creative to harvest these hard-core, precious species. They know well how to pry these and scoop them out of their shells.

Though mainly used for the purpose of consumption, we can use these shells in ritual ceremonies to cleanse and heal our souls just as many ancient tribes have been doing.

What Is So Special About Abalone?

As mentioned earlier, Abalone healing shells are soft, mushy sea creatures with very hard shells on their “Backs” for protection. The size, shape, colors, and patterns of each shell are different from the other.

This makes Abalone shells, with mother-of-pearl lining perfect for making jewelry, decorative bowls, and masks. This shell is considered very special as they hold special importance in many cultures with different meanings.

The Native Americans used Abalone shells to burn the holy sage, believing that the sage smoke created inside the Abalone shells, when lifted through the air, will carry their message to the gods in heaven.

The Apache tribe uses Abalone shells during a ceremony that marks the entering of a girl into womanhood, called The Sunrise Ceremony. The myth goes like this…

The Sunrise Ceremony is celebrated in memory of White Painted Woman who outsurvived the great flood in the Abalone shell. She came to land, safe and impregnated by the Sun and the Rain.

The son born from Rain was said to create water. The son born from Sun was said to be the killer of the White Painted Woman’s enemies.

Apache girls wear an Abalone disk over their forehead during the ceremony, displaying the connection with the ocean, ancient travel, the cycle of life, and protection.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Abalone?

The Shell carries the true meaning of the old beliefs. Abalone healing properties carry with them the energies of emotional balance, calmness, protection, and tranquillity.

It works as a reminder that light and beauty can always be revealed after a rough, rocky journey.

Abalone shells are excellent companions for those struggling with emotional traumas by enhancing the feelings of love, peace, and compassion.

Being the “Ears of the Sea” it listens to what’s inside you and tames the flame with its element as water and soothes the burn.


Useful in joint pain




Hearing impairment

Calcium deficiencies

Assimilation of protein

Enhances Vitamins A & D

Nervous System


Calms the emotional imbalance

Enhances psychic abilities

Strengthens the entire body structure

Connects one to family

Encourages love and harmony in a relationship

Enhances intuitive connections

Promotes creativity, imagination, patience, vulnerability, sensitivity, clarity, peace, cooperation, feeling of well-being


Abalone primarily regulates Third-Eye Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Crown Chakra. Holding this shell during cleansing rituals brings the feeling of serenity.

Burning the Holy Sage or Palo-Santo is another great practice to let the smoke flow through your blood cells, mind, and soul and bring alignment and balance to all your Chakras.

Its divine energy invokes the spirit of the ocean and enhances your Chakras’ abilities to their highest and uses it to take you to the realm of healing.

How To Use Abalone Stone For Healing?

To start the divine Healing and Cleansing Ritual, burn the holy sage in the Abalone shell. Lie on the ground or sit with your legs crossed (Just as you do during the meditation).

Use a feather to spread the smoke onto each part of your body from head to toe. In case you’re lying down, take the help of your fellow healing partner to perform the ritual for you.

Sit quietly, breathing every air particle mixed with the holy smoke coming out of the Abalone shell. Allow the smoke to cleanse you inside out.

Stand up and take the Abalone shell and the burning sage to every part of your living space. Use the feather to let the smoke flow through your rooms, bed, cupboards, dining area, and meditation room.

Use it to cleanse and recharge your Healing Crystals too.

The purpose is to ward off all the negativity from all the possible areas where you feel the cleansing should be done.

The best is to perform this ritual especially if you’ve been in a recent quarrel, came back from work, came back from a long, tiring trip, or have changed the house. Cleanse all the corners, doors, windows, and closets.

These energies mixed with the sage smoke soothe, calm, and promote positivity in all aspects of your body, mind, soul, and even living spaces.

As an Abalone shell is a water vessel, you’ll want to protect it from getting burnt or losing its shine and beauty while burning the Holy Sage or Palo-Santo.

To keep it protected during the cleansing rituals, line the abalone shell with sand and put the Sage bundle on top of it. This will prevent the Abalone shell from burning and its beauty, luster, and vivid colors will remain intact every time you perform the ritual.

Just an Add on…

While doing the rituals, you may chant a few affirmations to let the positive vibes and words mix with the smoke while you let it flow through and above you like:

Abalone affirmations

Today is the happiest day of my life.

I am courageous and I have the strength to balance my emotions, all my Chakras, and my spirit.

I am living in the moment and the past is just the memory that can’t touch, harm, or replace me.

I believe in the energies of Abalone, the Holy Sage, and the energies they bring with them.

These add-ons are just the part of what you want your body, mind, and spirit to feel and conquer. Happy Healing!