AMETHYST: Calm, Spiritual, Stable

Amethyst crystal Wholesale


Amethyst is a highly vibrational healing crystal and is mostly found in cluster form. Its color ranges from dark to light purple in color and is very powerful at protecting the bearer.

This healing crystal is known to release anxiety and other most common issues that people find hard to get rid of.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Amethyst?

Amethyst has amazing healing benefits. It is known to alleviate anxiety. It replaces negativity with positivity and promotes high-frequency vibrations that pull the mind out of darkness and fill it with light and energy.

This healing crystal is also helpful in promoting calmness, peace, tranquility along with guarding one against nightmares.

Apart from mental healing, this healing crystal can also help with the physical issues like


  • Regularity of hormones
  • Improving the immune system
  • Enhancing the endocrine function
  • Boosting digestive health, and
  • Improving the skin appearance

What Chakra Does Amethyst Help?

Amethyst is associated with the Crown Chakra. It calms your mind and clears blockages that are restricting you from experiencing happiness.

On a different note, your crown chakra is the top chakra of your body and is also indicated with the color purple, the same as the color of this divine healing stone.

How To Use Amethyst For Healing?

Amethyst is a very powerful healing crystal. Use this healing stone daily during yoga or meditation sessions.

People often wear pendants or carry the gemstone in their pockets so that they can stay within their energies all day long.

You may find such products online or any seller that buys Amethyst wholesale or retail.

Amethyst Affirmations

I am filled with light and the darkness has drifted far far away from me.

I am peaceful, light, and happy.

I feel the powerful vibrations of Amethyst and I am stable within them.