LEPIDOLITE: Relieves exhaustion, mood swings & tension

Lepidolite healing crystal Wholesale


Lepidolite is a mix of light purple and white colours. Its beautiful appearance and powerful healing benefits make it one of the must-have healing crystals.

This healing crystal is very effective in helping with anxiety and is one of the best anxiety stones.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Lepidolite?

The healing benefits are most adored by people struggling with issues like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, neural, and joint problems.

It is also helpful in coping up with mood swings, menopause, and building stress.

How To Use Lepidolite For Healing?

Sellers buy wholesale and sell it in various shapes and sizes. You can wear the jewellery like a pendant, bracelet, or simply carry the spheres, pal stone, or tumbled stones in your pocket.

This way, you can always stay close to the energies of the stone and heal.

Another way to use this healing stone is to use it for reiki or yoga purposes. You may keep the towers near you or hold the palm stones in your palm while meditating.

Lepidolite Affirmations

I am balanced and blessed.

I am beautiful and I heal myself and others around me.

I am stable – emotionally, physically, menntally, and spiritually.