ANGELITE: Understanding, Peace, Solace

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If compared to other healing crystals, Angelite is a recent discovery done in Peru in 1987. This healing stone is also known as Anhydrite, derived from a Greek word, anhydras, meaning “without water”.

This name fits perfectly for the stone’s unique physical property, as dehydrated gypsum. This stone only forms in the areas where gypsum once had contact with water. It takes millions of years for water to evaporate and the gypsum is compressed, resulting in the occurrence of it.

The healing stone is given the name of Angel as it’s said to create a connection between the soul and its guardian angel and divine spirits.

What Meaning Does Angelite Hold?

Angelite is a highly vibrational and peaceful stone. It draws a line between your soul and the energies of your guardian angels. It invokes the feeling of peace and connection with heaven within you.

This healing crystal enables you to connect the visible with the invisible. Even just holding and gazing at this healing crystal can make you feel the connection between you and the angelic realm.

Feel the divine energies of this healing crystal that support you and bridge you with divine spirit guides.

What Are The Healing Properties of Angelite?

Angelite is an excellent healing crystal that enhances the state of conscious awareness. The purity of this stone tranquilizes you to surrender your mind, body, and spirit to reach the more vulnerable state in order to connect with the divine.

It enables you to get in contact with your highest self and connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels. You can buy Angelite bracelets online to keep their energies with you all day long.

This healing crystal enhances psychic healing, enables astral travel and spirit journeys, and telepathic communications. Your vulnerability and sense of openness enable you to ask questions from your angels, ask for help and be receptive to their answers.

Angels can signal you in many ways to answer your questions. It could be through a “coincidental” music beat, a sudden smell in the air that evokes the answer and the feeling within you, or an unintended answer or conversation from some other people that answered your query.

This healing crystal enhances your awareness of such situations and enables you in understanding these subtle answers from your surroundings.

Angelite and Chakras

Angelite is great at aligning and balancing your Throat Chakra, Third-Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

With this healing crystal, you’re never alone and always protected under the presence of the divine angels.

Angelite Affirmations

I ask the this healing crystal to take me to heaven and let my soul feel the divine.

I am divine and I rely on my guardians to protect me and guide me through every challenging road I take.

I can feel the heavenly energies flowing through me just as close as I feel the touch of this divine energy right now.