AMAZONITE: Love, Clarity, Creativity, & Communication

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Introduction to the Amazonite Crystal’s Healing Properties

Chakras: Heart Chakra and Throat ChakraZodiac Sign: Virgo

“The Age Of Your Inner Child Determines The Happiness In Your Life”

Now that you are an adult, do you ever take a pause and look out for your childlike smile? Well, it’s hard to see that most people lose it over time and carry a burden all over their face.

The uncertainty of the future, and the feeling of being lost or off-track kick in. And this is where the amazing Amazonite can turn out to be a support system.

This amazing crystal is found in various colours, but the most common types are the ones in Greenish-blue colour. 

Believed to have originated from the riverbanks of South America’s rainforest, today they are also being dug out of the vanilla-scented sands of Madagascar and the icy city depths of Russia’s Tundra.

But let us get over the history and geography for now and look at how it can turn out to be the best healing crystal for you with its amazing healing properties.

The Healing Benefits Of Amazonite

Numerous texts are depicting numerous benefits of Amazonite. But if you observe closely, they all direct to these common benefits of the healing stone.

1. Helping In Easing The Communication

An amazing property of Amazonite is its ability to enhance your communication skills. A well-prepared speech might not be as effective as a word that you genuinely speak out.

And sometimes as we know, it’s hard to speak up for something we believe in. Either we are under pressure or are highly overthinking about the response we may get in return.

But either way, we need to understand that communication is a crucial part of human life.

In order to present your views, build your own identity and create a difference you need to communicate.

This crystal helps you in getting over the fear, helps you be a better observer along with being able to speak up when needed to.

2. Builds Self Trust

Self-doubt is probably the only reason one may lose the confidence to speak up and face necessary hardships. On the other hand, works on building self-trust and confidence to take action.

Call it overcoming your fear or anything else, but when Amazonite is by your side, you build acceptance with life, you give yourself a push, and work on growing yourself in different aspects of life.

Moreover, growth is not saturated in the physical world. You expand your boundaries in your emotional and spiritual world.

3. Enhances Creativity

Lastly, one of the most crucial healing from your Amazonite is your creative mind. While one might think it’s just about paint and artistic but on a contradictory side, your creative mind helps you in a much more crucial way.

Critical thinking, seeing a new perspective, staying motivated, and keeping up with the work despite feeling burned out. All this is a part of your creativity, And all this is truly enhanced with the help of Amazonite.

How To Use Amazonite Crystal

You can use a healing crystal in mainly three forms.

1. By Wearing It

2. By Carrying It

3. By Placing It

1. By Wearing The Amazonite Crystal

You can wear this Crystal in the form of a necklace, bracelet, ring, or even an earring. This way you will always stay in contact with the amazing Amazonite and share its gain and healing properties all the time.

2. By Carrying The Amazonite Crystal

Another way that you can use Amazonite Crystal is by carrying it in your purse, bag, or your pocket. You can find Amazonite crystals in different forms like palm stone or heart-shaped stones, which are easy to carry and can be kept in a pocket.

3. By Placing The Amazonite Crystal

Lastly, you can place the Amazonite Crystal at a place where you can easily see it every single day. It can be your living room, your workplace, your desk or anywhere, where it is within the radius of your sight.

Best Affirmation To Use With Amazonite

Once you buy Amazonite, with this healing crystal by your side, you would also need an affirmation of a belief to uncover the true potential of the stone. While you can have your own affirmation too, here is the one that can get you started with love and creativity in your life.

Recite the following Affirmation with Amazonite Crystal.

I am willing to release all the blocks and accept all the love and creativity that you have to offer

I am strong and I am getting stronger day by day