BLACK KYANITE: Letting Go, Releasing Negativity, Protective

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Black Kyanite is an authentic stone with a solid, hard texture. The stone looks like pointy, rough shards that almost look like blades.

It is believed that the sword of the archangel Michael was made of Kyanite. With its blade-like structure, Kyanite is known to slit through negative emotions, toxic relations, and evil energies that are harming your aura.

What Meaning Does Kyanite Hold?

Kyanite taps into past memories and cuts off cords with the unforgiven emotions and toxic relations that are still affecting you. Kyanite helps you heal from those toxic thoughts by dispelling negativity and encouraging positive energies.

If you feel no hope and find yourself stuck within the darkness, the Kyanite crystal “blade” slashes the blocking darkness, creating a way for the light. It bridges the gap between you and positivity and brings hope.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Kyanite?

This healing crystal is said to keep you away from the ‘Vampires” that suck the positivity out from you, making you feel drained and worthless.

This healing stone is very protective and amplifies and encourages one’s telepathic abilities, opening the medium of communication with spiritual beings and high vibrational entities.

Kyanite and Chakras

Along with releasing the blockages, Kyanite helps in the alignment of all the Chakras. With the stimulation of the Third-Eye Chakra, this healing crystal encourages psychic abilities and communications on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

How To Use Kyanite For Healing?

Sit in a peaceful space with a comfortable position. Hold this healing crystal in your hands and let the stone clear the blockages.

If you feel any past toxic memories or relations coming back to the surface, let the energy of stone facilitate you to set free from it.

this healing crystal will help you get rid of the negative emotions and protect you from any evil energies.

You may also lie down and place this healing stone over your Third-Eye Chakra to stimulate your psychic abilities.

Keep the Kyanite healing crystal at the place that you think requires cleansing from negativity.

Black Kyanite affirmations

I am powerful to fight all the negativity I encounter each day.

With the energies of this healing crystal, I cast away all the evil from my life. I feel at peace and I feel free.

I am protected, I am healed, and my spirit is awakened.