AZURITE: Creativity, Wisdom, Empowerment

Aurite Crystals Wholesale


Azurite gets its incredible blue colors through reactions between hydrogen, oxygen, copper, and carbonate. It takes millions of years for this healing crystal to form.

Its contrasting deep hues of blues come from its fusion with Malachite, a mineral that contains the same chemistry.

This healing crystal stone is known to enhance creativity, inner wisdom, and activate the third-eye chakra.

It is most preferred by those looking to achieve an aim. Be it in the field of career, education, or other huge achievements, this stone is great at inspiring and boosting your energies.

What Meaning Does Azurite Hold?

Azurite is a great balancing stone and helps eliminate communication problems. Placing this healing stone in your office space, study place, or workspace allows for a constant flow of creative, powerful energy.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Azurite?

Azurite is a great healing crystal stone that maintains the subtle balance between your Heart Chakra and Throat Chakra, empowering you to speak what’s in your heart.

Azurite and Chakras

The major Chakra that Azurite can power is the Third-Eye Chakra. Thus, use this crystal to stimulate your psychic abilities, open intuitions, and spiritual guidance.

How To Use Azurite For Healing?

Hold this crystal in both your hands, representing the balance of Yin-Yang. This balance is necessary as the right side of your hand is receptive while the right is creative and dynamic.

To empower your Chakras, simply lie down in a comfortable position in a calm, peaceful place. Keep the healing stone over the Throat chakra to improve communication, Third-Eye Chakra to enhance psychic abilities, and Heart Chakra to clean blockages, confusions, and let its energies flow.

To perform the healing ritual in a traditional way with this healing crystal, simply spread a white cloth in front of where you’re meditating. Place this healing crystal and keep a small candle behind it.

Remember not to keep the candle too close to the stone as it may destroy it.

Azurite affirmations

Achieving balance is the biggest achievement of my life. I am a human being, capable of achieving balance, peace, and harmony.

Nothing can stop me from being calm and peaceful in all matters, for which, I am the master of my own life. I choose how I exist and I let no other affect it.

I can speak fearlessly as I speak from my heart. I leave no gaps, I leave no loopholes for what I say as I am clear and confident in my opinions, in my words, and in my intentions.

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