BLACK TOURMALINE: Inspiration, Tolerance & Prosperity

Black Tourmaline healing crystal


Black Tourmaline is an immensely powerful energy generator. It has been used for ages for healing purposes. It is the healer of the emotional, physical, as well as spiritual being.

This healing crystal is the Stone for Balance. It is highly associated with the energies of Yin-Yan which is the major factor in the balance of everything in the universe.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Black Tourmaline?

This healing crystal is useful in healing many external issues such as paranoia, dyslexia, and helps in improving hand-eye coordination.

When we look at the emotional healing aspects, it is very helpful in building self-confidence, reducing fears, and promoting happiness and inspiration.

Spiritually, the Black Tourmaline healing crystal balances your spirits and works as the bridge between the physical body and the soul within.

How To Use A Black Tourmaline For Healing?

You can use this stone during yoga, meditation, or reiki sessions. Sit in a quiet place and place a clean white cloth in front.

Place the towers or spheres on it while you meditate with its energies.

You can also hold this healing stone in your palms and feel its vibration flowing within you as you inhale and exhale.

It is best to wear jewellery made from it like a Necklace, Tourmaline bracelet, or earrings so it keeps brushing your skin all the time.

People also prefer to carry tumbled stones or spheres to carry them in their pockets.

Sellers who buy Black Tourmaline wholesale usually sell such crystals on retail which can easily be purchased.

Black tourmaline Affirmations

I allow the healing crystal to absorb all the negativity and throw it out of my body.

This stone is my companion that keeps me positive all the time.

I am a balanced being, I am the inspired one.