RAINBOW MOONSTONE: Rebirth, Stability, Compassion

Rainbow Moonstone Crystals Wholesale Online

Rainbow Moonstone AKA White Labradorite is an amazingly beautiful white-colored stone that reflects the hues of the rainbow, hence it’s.

On these healing crystals, you may see dark patches of black and slight hues of shiny blues.

People wear jewelry like Moonstone bracelets or carry around Moonstone Palm Stone so that the crystal’s energies can surround them all the time.

What Meaning Does Rainbow Moonstone Hold?

Rainbow Moonstone’s meaning is directly connected to the new beginnings. It’s all about the rebirth of the new life meaning, new understandings, and new more refined thoughts.

Since this healing crystal helps in the healing of stress and soothes emotional instability, it is a powerful crystal to heal you emotionally as well as spiritually.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Rainbow Moonstone?

Rainbow Moonstone Wholesale

Rainbow Moonstone boosts inner confidence, endurance, compassion, and creativity while enhancing the harmony and balance of your mind and soul.

It is also said that this Moonstone can stimulate your psychic abilities and offer visions about things that aren’t directly obvious.

How To Use Rainbow Moonstone For Healing?

Using Rainbow Moonstone for healing purposes is a major step towards healing mentally and emotionally.

You may simply find a place away from daily noises and chaos where you can sit in a relaxed position. Hold the healing palm stones in each hand and allow their soothing vibrations to flow through your body while your eyes are closed.

You may also use Moonstone crystal tumbled stones to perform reiki.

There are people who buy Moonstone Wholesale, make jewelry and decorative items out of it, and sell them directly in local shops or even online stores like Tocrystal.

You may want to purchase the healing crystal bracelet so that you can wear it 24/7 for all-day healing.

Rainbow Moonstone Affirmations

I deserve to be happy and I have enough to feel satisfied.

The bright light shines through me just like this healing Moonstone because I am the generator  of positive energies, I am the generator of positive light.

I am filled with inner-confidence, endurance, and compassion.