CALCITE: Emotional Healing, Cleansing & Spirituality

Calcite Healing stone and crysatal


Calcite is the strongest element of calcium carbonate polymorph. Get ready to flick off your toxic emotions, recharge your Chakras, and amplify the energies with a Calcite healing crystal.

It’s ubiquitous, yet possesses some rarest healing properties. You may find this stone in different colours like green, blue, yellow, and orange too. Calcite with no colour is considered the purest, each colour possesses its unique quality.

What Meaning Does Calcite Hold?

This healing stone got its name from the Latin word Calix meaning lime. The suffix ‘item was joined later just as it’s done to name other minerals.

Much of this stone is formed inside the shells of dead sea creatures. Ancient Egyptians used to use this stone for carving goddesses and deities as it resembles cleansed purity, good fortune, and deepens one’s spiritual awakening.

No matter how many storms you’re going through, be it spiritual or emotional, carry the sunshine of Orange Calcite to shoo away the bad clouds that are responsible for the storm.

This healing crystal is also great at tuning up your Sacral Chakras, the specific pointer to trigger sexuality and creativity.

If you’re looking to find your good-luck charm among all the negative energies and chaos, Green Calcite can be the one great good-luck bearer and fortune catcher.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Calcite?

Minimize your issues with the clarity of this healing stone just to pull them out and get yourself cleansed and harmonized.

Physical Healing Properties

Improves memory

Emotional Healing Properties

Heals emotional traumas

Helps with emotional imbalance

Removes negativity

Enhances creativity

Releases emotional blockages

Enhances sexuality

Spiritual Healing Properties

Deepens the spiritual awakening

Releases spiritual blockages

Stimulates purity and cleansing

How To Use Calcite For Healing?

Hold palm-sized Calcite in both your hands and breath slowly. Feel the purity, calming vibes of this stone flow inside you. Once you feel the energy shift, let this pure energy evolve into the healers of your emotional and spiritual wounds.

As healing crystals will be working towards healing your deep-seated emotional traumas, it’s best to meditate alone. Choose a place that has no noise, no mobile phones, or any other distractions.

With a cluster of huge stones, place it in front of you while you meditate. Before closing your eyes, gaze over this healing stone and close your eyes slowly.

Once meditated, open your eyes slowly and end the healing ritual still gazing again at the Calcite healing crystal stone.

Calcite affirmations

I don’t fear past traumas anymore. My present is what matters the most, it’s my life and my future life entwined together.

I am my only savior. I am pure, I am cleansed, and free from all the chains that held me before.