CELESTITE: Sweet Dreams, Heavenly, & Soothing

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Celestite crystal is an elegant healing crystal stone with a delicate, dreamy blue color that promotes its angel-like heavenly energies. Just a simple gaze will make you feel more tranquil and peaceful.

Harness this calming energy if you’re stuck in the chaos of modern-day life and daily hustle. Let Celestine take you to the utopia of beautiful dreams and calm sleep. As its name comes from Greek, its translation fits Celestine the best – “Heavenly”.

Celestine truly puts you in a peaceful state, making you sense restfulness, light, and truly relaxed.

What Meaning Does Celestite Hold?

Celestite crystal is a stone of calming energy. It brings tranquillity and peace into your endeavour. This healing crystal is best for those struggling with sleep disorders.

Its heavenly energy calms your mind by managing stress, anxiety, and uncontrollable emotions. Use this healing crystal stone to raise your positive vibrations and shed the negativity.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Celestite?

Celestite is an incredible healing crystal stone for raising intuition, imagination, perception, dream recalling, improved visualization, memory, and wisdom to see the bigger picture over temporary things.

Using Celestitre in your day-to-day life enables you to combine the divine properties of this healing stone with the knowledge of what you have control over.

Celestite and Chakras

Celestite is associated with the Throat Chakra and the Third-Eye Chakra. Placing this stone on your chakras during the meditation or reiki rituals can help you achieve your highest state.

How To Use Celestite For Healing?

Using Celestite crystal for healing is a great decision for those who are dedicated to healing their mind, body, and soul and bringing their life on the correct track.

Doesn’t matter if you lack discipline in following the daily healing rituals or if you’re pretty rigid about it. What matters first is the intention to get healed.

Here are a few things that you can do to use the potential of Celestite crystal for healing:

Hold the Celestite in your hands while meditating. Keep your eyes closed and feel the touch of the stone in your palms and its highly vibrational energies flowing through you.

As the stone works wonders for the Third-Eye Chakra and the Throat Chakra, simply lie down and place the stone on both these Chakras. Take deep breaths and allow the healing crystal to get connected with your Chakras immediately.

You may carry the stone in your pocket as you go for all-day healing.

Keep the stone in your living space as well as your workspace to let its vibrations spread into the environment and make your surroundings purer for you.

Celestite affirmations

I feel divine and awakened. I am blessed with the awakenings, the visions, and the perception that makes me who I am today.

I am wiser each day and I believe in looking at a bigger picture.

I am the controller of my own knowledge and I am wise enough to use it in the right direction.