FUCHSITE: Happiness, Recovery, Release Blockages

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Incorporate the power of Fuchsite in your life and get ready to ride the divine. Also known as the fairy crystal, it radiates otherworldly good looks. Its beautiful green and gold sparkles resemble the fairy dust as if the stone itself was brought down by the divine.

It’s not just the appearance that makes it the angel among the other healing crystals. The properties of this healing crystal are best known to enhance the healing properties of all the other stones.

This healing stone is also worn and carried as a talisman for good luck and is considered the wish stone for many.

It’s fantastic how it aids in the improvement of every element that encourages healing, which makes this crystal a must-have healing stone in your collection.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Fuchsite?

Fuchsite is the stone for you if you’re looking for a way to get your life back on track and stop hustling to find the solution to recover from all kinds of Trauma.

Physical Healing

Heals physical traumas

Speeds up the physical recovery

Emotional Healing

Heals emotional traumas

Releases blockages to allow the flow of positivity

Improves the recovery of the emotional wounds


Fuchsite is highly associated with the Heart Chakra. It triggers the heart, heals it, and movies the blockages to let love, happiness, and healing flow freely within you.

How To Use Fuchsite For Healing?

Ues this healing stone while meditating. You can incorporate this stone even if you’re meditating with other healing stones to enhance and expand their energies. Use it along with the Chakra stones.

Carry this healing stone in your pocket as you go for healing throughout the day. Keep this crystal in your home, office, and study space for all-time healing.

Fuchsite affirmations

I am a calm spirit.

I am loved and I am important.

I am happy. I am glad for the life I have and I will not let my past affect what I have in my present.