EPIDOTE: Trust – Clear Emotional Aura – Relieved Heart

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When you’re betrayed, it becomes heart to feel forgiving again. It becomes even harder to trust again. You don’t just stop trusting the people you know, but also your friends and family.

Such trust issues can make you live in a very confined space of your heart for too long.

Shutting the doors of heart and not opening up to people easily can be very heavy and depressing in life. To relieve such issues and re-live life to its fullest potential is highly important.

Use Epidote to recover and open up your heart to live life as it’s supposed to.

The Healing Properties Of This Crystal?

Epidote helps you heal emotionally as well as physically. This healing crystal stimulates your immune system, enhances memory, and boosts physical recovery.

This healing crystal gives you courage and encourages you to open up your heart. It clears the negative emotional aura by sucking the bad memories, depression, and hopelessness out of you.

Epidote Affirmations

I can get everything, I just need to manifest it and I know it’ll be mine.

I am determined and driven to my purpose and my healing stone is there to help me be me.

I am calm, relieved, and satisfied. I am grateful for how I get to mediate and heal everyday.