GOLDSTONE: Courage, Confidence & Light

Goldstone healing crystal Wholesale


Goldstone is a highly energetic stone that recharges you in all aspects. This healing crystal AKA “the ambition stone” is linked with boosting your drive and confidence.

The stone gets its sparkly appearance from Quartz and sand glass that’s been infused with copper particles, giving it its unique lustre glimmer.

What Meaning Does Goldstone Hold?

The legend of this stone dates back to the 17th century to the Miotti family of Venice. This Italian glassmaker family improved the technique of creating a unique kind of treated glass resulting in this particular stone.

The y+ is said to have amazing grounding, encouraging, and protective healing properties.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Goldstone?

The stone is a protective warrior that doesn’t let any negative powers touch you. This healing crystal stone promotes a positive attitude, courage, energy, and gently uplifts you mentally and spiritually.

Furthermore, it helps you in physical healing by reducing stomach tension and benefiting from arthritic conditions.

How To Use Goldstone For Healing?

Deepen the healing by incorporating the power of this stone in your meditation, reiki, and yoga sessions. 

Hold the Goldstone in both your hands or wear Goldstone bracelets in your hands or the pendant in the neck. All its forms work and enhance the healing. Stay grounded while gathering the courage to beat the day-to-day challenges of modern life.


I feel safe, protected and stress free with this stone.

I am inspired to do more. I am encouraged to make myself better and I thank these energies for being with me.

No negative energies can touch me. I am a ball of positive aura that attracts only positivity.