Iolite: Harmonizes Relationships, Physical Detoxification, & Financial breakthrough

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Iolite alleviates unnecessary guilt. It helps you leave behind the shame or regret and pushes you forward in life.

If you’re stuck in the chain to constant debts and payments, the stone helps you find the right way to break the chain. With the energy of the following stone, you stay focus\sed in wise with your spendings and identify the ways that are making you end up in bad debt.

Rebalance your budget and set good terms with your money to improve your lifestyle without any liabilities.

This healing crystal demands you to think before you spend, be wise financially, and stop impulsive buying.

What Meaning Does Iolite Hold?

Iolite is a great stone that unlocks visions and unleashes creativity. If we derive its name from its Greek meaning, it means “Violet Flower ” resembling its soothing, watery purple hue.

Also known as “Water Sapphire” or as Vikings used to call it “Vikings’ Compass” it has been used by them to determine the direction of the sun on overcast days.

The property of this stone is still useful for healing purposes. It guides you in the direction of light in the days when you feel low, dark, and isolated.

Its watery hue washes off hopelessness on the days when you’re feeling it the most.

What Are The Healing Properties Of Iolite?

Iolite Crystal Wholesale Online

Emotional Healing

This healing crystal helps you overcome codependency and motivates you to take responsibility for yourself. This healing crystal stone harmonizes the discord in relationships and promotes understanding.

Physical Healing

Iolite aids in the reduction of fatty deposits in your body

Detoxifies your bodily systems

Diminishes the effect of alcohol

Regenerates and rejuvenates liver

Iolite affirmations

I am serene and pure just as freshwater. I am calm and cleansed with Iolite’s energies.

I am shining, I am hopeful, I am full of life.

I am a successful person with wisdom, balance, and peace in life.