HOWLITE: Communication, Calmness, Knowledge

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Chakra – Root & Crown Chakra

Zodiac – Gemini

Introduction to the Howlite Crystal’s Healing Properties

“You Will Always Be Rewarded As A Leader For Ability Of Calmness And Communication Skills To Share Your Knowledge.”

With beauty and elegance as its cover, the white Howlite is a style statement as well as the stone which works on the well-being of the cluttered mind.

The inability to stay focused, the feeling of panic, stress, and unpleasantness reduce our efficiency, ability to communicate, and the knowledge that one normally possesses.

It’s a hard time experiencing and any support will always be appreciated. Here’s where you can take the help of Howlite stone. It is a stone that works with your Root chakra, as well as your Crown Chakra.

Meaning, while it makes you feel safe and secure about your options and your choices, it also enhances your ability to understand the situation in a better way and helps you make necessary decisions.

The Healing Benefits Of Howlite

The healing benefits of the Howlite stone can be roughly divided into three forms.

Howlite Crystal Wholesale


At the physical level, the Howlite stone is highly effective in balancing the calcium levels in our body. It is a stone that makes our skeleton strong while promoting the right posture.

Along with this the stone also makes your teeth glow white and enhance your smile while radiating positive energy all along.

Lastly, the stone also motivates a healthy water balance in our body, hence if you feel thirsty more often after the Howlite in your life, you would know the positive change has begun.


Silence is extremely underrated in our society today. Even if we are in a room with a pin-drop-silence, we can feel the screaming and the unwanted noise in our heads.

This makes us emotionally weak, and fills us with anxiety, overthinking, and stress of our lifetime. The Howlite stone, on the other hand, helps you to float instead of drowning.

The stone lets you know the emotions that you are feeling, and gives you the control to surf over them and enjoy your life to its fullest.

Moreover, the stone builds self-trust and fills you up with confidence to make decisions based on the knowledge you possess while ensuring the emotions take the back seat.

One needs to learn that emotions are a crucial part of human life and shall not be eliminated completely. But having control over the emotions is highly necessary. Especially if you are growing on your spiritual path while also moving along with your regular day-to-day life.

Other than this the stone also helps in boosting the sense of gaining new knowledge, experience and removes rage, keeping you calm and cool-headed when making important decisions.


Just like an emotional state, the Howlite has some exceptional healing benefits in the world of spirituality. It is a stone that works along with the crown chakra and root chakra.

These are the chakras in our body that are responsible for consciousness, spiritual well-being, enlightenment as well as safety, confidence, and energy respectively.

Soon after you welcome the Howlite stone in your life you may experience that the frequency of Déjà vu is growing. Moreover, the outcomes of your actions are also exactly the way you thought.

It is nothing magical, but a true sense of what the human mind has to offer when you work on your consciousness.

How To Use Howlite?

Howlite being howlite doesn’t require any exceptional treatment to share its crystal healing. So, when you receive your Howlite stone from Tocrystal, begin its journey by cleansing it in running water.

At this point, you can simply use the howlite stone, or take a step further and build a connection with this amazing stone. To do so, after washing the Howlite, place it in the bowl of brown rice. Now place the bowl and stone under the moonlight and next you are all set to welcome the newfound positivity.

Wear it as a bracelet, or a necklace if you wish or you can carry it in your pocket or purse as a palm stone. You can even place the stone in your house at a place where you are staying in the field energy of the stone.

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Best Affirmation To Use With Howlite Stone

Lastly, the Howlite stone is a part of the healing crystals focused on enlightening your true self. This means sooner or later, you would encounter thoughts of learning and diving more into self-growth.

At that point in time, you can pick mediation, yoga, reiki, or any of your preferred self-help, If you wish to start right away, you can also rely on affirmations. The best affirmation that you can use with Howlite stone is

“ I Release All My Worries, I Release All My Stress.

I Welcome The New Learnings And Embrace The Joy Of Life.

I Release All My Worries, I Release All My Stress.”