UNAKITE: Balance, Relief & Love

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Chakra – Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Scorpio

Introduction to the Unakite Healing Properties

If you are looking for an escape or missing out the self-love, there is no better stone than the Unakite.

In the search for love, we humans often cross borders and scatter ourselves over the globe. 

But one place we often overlook is within ourselves.

It is a stone that is in touch with our heart chakra, ensuring that we are always open share, and accept the love in our life.

While this might attract lots of hurting in normal conditions, it also ensures that your self-love is always prioritized and ensure to welcome only positivity in your life.

Let us have a better look at the healing benefits of Unakite stone and find out if it is the best stone that can help you find what you are looking for.

The Healing Benefits Of Unakite


The Unakite stone is an amazing support system during the recovery from a major illness. It keeps your immune system charged and ensures a good recovery with no signs of falling back left untouched.

Also, the stone treats the reproductive system, strengthens it, and helps in being a parent for the first time. Moreover, the stone is also worn during pregnancies to ensure a healthy mother and child.

Lastly, if you are someone who is aiming to gain weight or is under treatment for growing skin tissue and hair.


On the emotional front, Unakite is among the most powerful support system to keep you calm and light-headed.

When you welcome the Unakite stone in your life, you would also find a sense of self-love and fulfillment within you.

Lastly, the stone brings focus to your life, ensures you have high goals, and makes you feel balanced in your life.


Spiritually the Unakite is a stone that opens your heart chakra. It is a chakra that develops empathy, compassion, love, and forgiveness in your life.

Moreover, the stone also awakens your ability to accept people for who they are and the feeling of control that you have over your emotions.

In the end, the stone also works on attracting true love in your life.

How To Use Unakite Stone

It is highly recommended to cleanse your crystal periodically, to ensure maximum efficiency of your healing crystals

Hence, you first receive the Unakite stone, ensure that your crystal cleanse it before you welcome it in your life.

Take your stone, and put it under a fresh bowl of water. Now clean the stone with the finger and take your stone out to dry it with a soft cloth. Now to re-energize it leave the stone under the moonlight for the night.

Best Affirmation To Use With Unakite

Now that you are all set to welcome the Unakite stone in your life here is an additional step that you shall follow. Ensure that you also welcome self-healing practices in your life. This can be practicing yoga, reiki, mediation, or even simply sitting in silence.

This will ensure that your body and mind are all set to accept the newfound energy in your life without any resistance. If you are just starting you can even begin with the following affirmation.

Life Will Always Feel Pain Until You Start Loving Yourself.

I feel relieved, loved, and balanced, and that’s my way of living now.

Life Will Always Feel Pain Until You Start Loving Yourself.