JADE: Support, Success, Luck, Love

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Chakra – Heart Chakra

Zodiac – Taurus

Introduction to the Jade Crystal’s Healing Properties

“Only You Have The Ability To Step Up, And Achieve Your Destined Success In Life.”

The Jade is among the stone that ancient civilization has been using over and over again for healing, luck, strength, and decor.

To get started, the stone works along with the heart chakra to balance your emotions and thoughts. It is also a stone that is known to bring comfort to a wandering mind, and support you in the hard times.

Now before we move on to the healing benefits of this healing crystal, let us first look at the different types of jade. 

Types Of Jade Stone

Blue Jade

The Blue jade is a stone that shares its property of calmness and stillness in your life. If your life is all about restlessness in search of success, then may this stone can help you find that inner peace in your work while fueling you in with the energy.

White Jade

It is a stone of perception. Be it your work life, your relationship, or a decision that you have to make for your own peace and satisfaction. Giving you a better perspective, this healing stone helps you in making better and effective decisions.

Red Jade

The energy of the Red Jasper is the best companion to fight the demons of the past. The fears and the emotional hold back are that hard to get over, but with red jasper by your side, you do it in a more efficient manner. 

Black Jade

It is the protection stone, keeping you safe from all the negativity and evil eye surrounding your success.

The stone also helps in overcoming the struggles of life and keeps you filled up with the grounding energy so that you don’t fall back in the pattern of highs and lows of life.

Yellow Jade

Lack of confidence in life? Yellow-colored jade will fit in the best to fill up the gap between you and your desired self.

Lavender Jade

Lavender jade is a stone that works on your spiritual senses. If you are among the few people on the earth looking to enhance yourselves without an expectation while enjoying the process itself then this is the best stone for you.

Imperial Jade

Among the most valuable healing crystal in the world, Imperial jade is a stone believed to bring harmony to life. The stone is also devoted to the good luck stone and the stone that protects us.

Orange Jade

Full of energy, full of good vibes, this is a stone that is devoted to bringing a positive and joyous attitude towards your life.

Purple Jade

Bring a new motivation in your life, or clean your aura to welcome a new perspective, Purple jade is a healing stone that shares all the energy which you might need on the way to enlightenment.

Brown Jade

Brown jade or the stone of roots is a crystal that keeps you grounded while allowing you to rise higher in your life. It is a stone the brings optimism as well as allows you to reach a stage where you feel comfortable in your own skin.

The Healing Benefits Of Jade

Now that we are aware of the different types of Jade Stones, we are all set to learn about the healing benefits of this amazing crystal.


Jade may be widely regarded as an emotional and spiritual stone, but let us not deny the Physical healing benefits of this healing stone.

The stone is full of living energy which helps in removing toxins from the body. The stone also helps in balancing the fluids, bringing down the fever, and boosting up the energies of the body to heal up.

If someone is struggling with sexual problems, this healing crystal can also come out to be very useful to resolve the issues.


There is no denying that the jade is a stone of mind and emotion. If you feel like you are falling into a toxic pattern, living the same old life every single day, then this healing stone is your escape.

This healing crystal keeps you filled with positivity, brings back over your life, and holds you before you start falling back in unwanted toxicity.

The stone boosts your self-confidence, helps you build your own self-respect as well as helps you discover your idea of purity in life.

This stone fills you up with the love and helps you make a better decision in your life. 


Often as a human, we undermine the unimaginable power our minds possess. We only need to shake it up to remove the dust and see what the other world has to offer. This stone works with the Heart chakra to balance our emotions.

Hence when our emotions are in our control, seeing the situation from a new perspective gives you better control over your life. More than just love, the stone actually helps you in understanding the person.

The stone makes the bond of friendship, the relationships, and the family bond much much stronger.

This feeling of self-love and being loved is the best step that can help you make you feel bliss and one step closer to enlightenment.

How To Use Jade Crystal?

Jade is a hard stone and negativity can’t penetrate the layer of energy that it reflects. But a little crystal cleansing to build a bond receives the new healing energy will always be helpful for you.

In order to cleanse your stone, you shall take a bowl of lukewarm, soapy water. Place the stone in the bowl and rub it with a soft toothbrush.

Now, for the next step dip the stone in another bowl of spring freshwater for a few minutes. Lastly, dry your healing stone with a soft cloth.

This simple and effective crystal cleansing will let the stone build a better connection with you. In order to receive this new form of energy, doing mediation with this healing stone would be highly recommended.

Best Affirmation To Use With Jade Stone

Jade is a stone that works with your heart to remove any barriers in your emotional and spiritual flow of energy. But in order to enhance this effectiveness of the stone following a self-help routine will always be helpful.

Be it a simple meditation practice, reiki practice, or even sitting in the silence with stone and practicing the right affirmations. If you are just starting out the best affirmation to use with this healing crystal would be

“I Attract Wealth, Love, Luck And Wisdom In My Life.

I Feel Complete And I Work To Improve My Life.

I Attract Wealth, Love, Luck And Wisdom In My Life.”