APOPHYLLITE: Insight, Spirituality, Intuition

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Chakra – Crown & Third-Eye Chakra

Zodiac – Leo & Gemini

Introduction to the Apophyllite Crystal’s Healing Properties

“Your Intuitions Are Hidden Right There In Your Third Eye. Learn Through It For A Better Perspective Of The World.”

With better insight, you take better decisions. With better Intuition, you predict a better future. And with Spirituality, you become a better you. If you are among the few, looking to gain these self-healing traits, then Apophyllite crystal is a stone that you must add to your crystal collection.

Extracted from the ancient molten lava streams, Apophyllite is a high-frequency stone that heightens your spiritual being to awaken your third eye chakra.

The Apophyllite stone is among the ones that ensure that your heart, your mind, and soul come in sync. Promotes better health, calmness, and a sense of peacefulness.

Overall you experience a real, insightful therapy session that not only connects you with a higher sense of trust and belief but also discloses the connection of nature.

The Healing Benefits Of Apophyllite

The Apophyllite stone is a healer that focuses on your emotional and spiritual well-being. It ensures your inner child is always joyful and unaffected by any negativity from the world.

And sometimes, in time of support the stones ensure you feel the warmth of nature by lifting you up from a hard time and giving you a new positive perspective of life.

Other unspoken benefits are its ability to enhance your psych. Along with enhancing your meditation practices, the stone also improves your ability to observe things in unexplained but better ways and helps you make better decisions with the extra insight you gain.

The ability also helps you sight the toxic peoples, and repeal them to keep your sanity safe and peaceful.

How To Use Apophyllite Stone

While in an easy way you can either wear it in the form of a bracelet, necklace, or ring. Or you can even carry it in your pocket or purse in the form of palm stone.

These simple ways are great and can heal you effectively, but in order to uncover the true potential here is an extra step that you can take to use Apophyllite Stone.


Take your Apophyllite stone and place it or the stone in your palm. Now close your eyes believe that you are accepting the healing, the power from the Apophyllite Stone.

Sit quietly for at least 20 mins. Even if the thoughts come popping up, let them. Observe them and then bring your focus back to healing. Gradually, day by day increase the duration of this mediation.

Best Affirmation To Use With Apophyllite

If you find it hard to stay focused on the stone during your meditation, here’s an affirmation that you can use along Apophyllite to attain spiritual growth and intuition.

“I Open Myself To Know My Inner, Deepest Wisdom.

I Am Healing And I Am Not Afraid.

I Open Myself To Know My Inner, Deepest Wisdom.”