OBSIDIAN: Stability, Protection, Growth

Obsidian crystal Wholesale Online

Chakra – Base Chakra

Zodiac – Scorpio, & Sagittarius

Introduction to the Obsidian Crystal’s Healing Properties

“Being Comfortable In Your Own Skin Is The First Towards The Journey Of Enlightenment.”

Ever felt a burden on your shoulder? The lack of creativity, hitting the roadblock, and waking up an energy drawing you back into the bed? Well, all these are a sign of a negative aura messing with your day-to-day life.

One thing is either you try and fix it yourself, or in addition to your efforts, you can use Obsidian as your swinging sword to cut your way through these traps. This volcanic stone holds the power from the core of the earth which is, a source of energy waiting to be explored.

But what kind of obsidian would you like by your side?

Type of Obsidian Crystal

Black Obsidian

Be it protection from the negative world or keeping our mind charged with the energy to get over the past, black obsidian is a stone that you need by your side. The stone is known to build self-control and find what truly makes you happy.

Rainbow Obsidian

Keeping our roots grounded is the first rule of elevating life. If we lose our grip on our true selves, we start feeling insecure and unstabilized in our life. If you are looking for the same Rainbow Obsidian crystal as your guy.

It is a stone that works with your Root Chakra and keeps you grounded and full of energy.

Snowflake Obsidian

In our journey of enlightenment and peace, our vulnerable mind often falls on the negativity of our surroundings. This falling and rising up soon becomes a pattern that is easy to recognize, but hard to break through.

If you know this pattern in your life, you shall also learn about the Snowflake Obsidian. A stone of inner centring and empowering a sense of power in your loneliness.

Mahogany Obsidian

To keep it simple, the sole purpose of the Mahogany Obsidian crystal is your self-growth. It works with your lower three chakras and enhances stability, sexuality, and creativity in your life.

Moreover, the stone also acts as a protection stone that keeps the thought of self-harm away, while giving you the focus and goal in your life.

Golden Obsidian

Lastly, the Golden Obsidian is a stone that ensures a healthy digestive system. But more importantly, the stone is the best healer for men under immense stress and negativity in their life.

The Healing Benefits Of Obsidian


In our physical form, the Obsidian crystal works on overall well-being. To get started, it is a stone that ensures a healthy blood flow in your body. With obsidian in your life, you will also notice better digestion of food and resistance to toxic that are harmful to your body.

And while we are discussing better blood flow and digestion let us not forget that the stone is a great healer of tissues and a source of energy to keep you full of fire and youthfulness.


Life falls out of balance, we feel attacked and we feel low. This has become a part of modern life and has been accepted by Genz. But to be honest it takes a toll on mental and emotional health.

The obsidian crystal keeps you safe from these freighting roller coasters and while helping you experience the true thrills of your life. The creativity, as well as logical thinking, hidden with your heart, is opened up.

Not only the stone makes you feel complete and satisfied with yourself but also protects you from the mind games people play on you. At a much deeper level, the stone helps you find your preference in life that actually matters to you.


Finally, the most intriguing benefit of the Obsidian crystal is hidden in your spiritual form. To get started with the Obsidian crystal learn that while the direct impact of the stone is on Root Charka, the stone also shares its healing properties with all the lower chakras.

With the help of this lower chakra combination, the stone act as a guardian stone, which protects you, as well as guides you to your better self.

If someone is prone to fall ill again and again, or someone is having financial issues even after a stable flow of money, Obsidian crystal removes such an evil eye.

You can also start feeling the balance, the stability, and a sense of accomplishment in your life while keeping the fire of achieving more light up.

How To Use Obsidian

Just like every healing and protection stone, Obsidian also requires some crystal cleansing to work at the optimal level. So, when you first receive your Obsidian crystal from Tocrystal, put it under running water for some time.

Now take a soft cloth and place the stone on it. If you have a singing bowl, you shall use it to cleanse the crystal. If not the bell could also do the job fine. The sound vibrations will ensure that the stone is cleansed and all set to be used as per your own free will.

You can wear the Obsidian crystal as a bracelet or as a necklace. If not you can even carry the obsidian crystal in your pocket or purse.

Best Affirmation To Use With Obsidian

In order to access all the benefits of Obsidian crystal, you shall also walk on the road of self-help. This can be mediation, yoga, breathwork reiki and simply sitting silence with your stone observing your thoughts.

A self-help practice makes your body and mind acceptable towards the new energy and makes healing at a much effective rate. Now if you are just starting out you can even begin with simple affirmations like the following 

“I Feel Protected And I Feel The Rush Of Creativity In My Veins.

I Trust Myself And Trust My Skills To Achieve Success And Stability In My Life.”