STRAWBERRY QUARTZ: Attract love, Self-belief, Chakra balance

Strawberry Quartz Crystals Wholesale Online


Strawberry Quartz is the stone for love. It attracts love in your life and promotes self-love.

Feel more confident, content, satisfied, and loved with this healing crystal.

What are the Benefits of Strawberry Quartz?

Strawberry Quartz crystal can help you find and attract the love of your life. It also promotes personal importance and self-love within you.

If you’re looking for answers that are holding you back from making the right decisions, then healing crystal can help you find them.

How to use Strawberry Quartz for Healing?

You can wear jewelry like a Strawberry Crystal Quartz bracelet so that this crystal touches your skin and allow you to utilize its energies.

You may also carry the crystal tumbled-stone in your pocket wherever you go or keep it in your living spaces.

It is also used to harmonize and balance the Root chakra, Solar-plexus Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Crown Chakra.

Use this healing crystal during the reiki sessions.

You can buy this beautiful crystal from anywhere that sells Strawberry Crystal Wholesale or retail and use it for amazing healing purposes.

Strawberry Quartz Affirmations

All my chakras are in harmony and that makes me feel more active and calmer.

I love myself, I respect myself and this is changing my life.

Only I am liable to make my life decisions and only I will make them right.