OPAL: Amplify, Desire & Good Sleep

Opal healing crystals Wholesale


Opal is the silica that is a form of hydrated amorphous. It has a hardness of 5.5 to 6 on Moh’s scale.

Every form of Opal has a very unique and intriguing appearance. If not for its healing benefits, you may just want to buy Opal for its captivating appearance.

What Is Opal Good For?

Opal amplifies artistic and creative abilities. This healing crystal is known to bring good luck fortune and wealth.

The wearer of Opal crystal is entitled to achieve joy, peace, and harmony. People struggling with confidence issues should use Opal. This healing crystal can genuinely build self-assurance, self-confidence, and build a naturally strong personality.

Opal crystal is equally beneficial for physical health. This healing crystal keeps you away from infections and fevers.

People also use this amazing healing crystal to strengthen their memory, purify kidneys and blood, and insulin. Women of childbearing age can also use opal crystal as it aids in childbirth and eases the issues related to PMS in the future.

How To Use Opal For Healing?

You may start o wear Opal crystal-like Opal tumbled pendants, earrings, or opal bracelets. People also prefer to keep decorations made with Opal like Opal pyramids in their living and office places.

You may use opal palm stone during meditation or reiki sessions to enhance the healing process.

Where To Find Opal?

Australia is the major location from where Opal stone is mined abundantly.

This amazing healing crystal can be found in the parts of Mexico, Brazil, the western US, and Honduras from where people buy opal wholesale.

You may buy opal online or offline from a place selling Opal wholesale or retail.

Opal Affirmations

My mind is the factory of creativity and arts. I am unique. I am creative.

I am confident. There no one exists like me and I love who I am.

I am healed. I am strengthened. I am strong with my mind and my body.