HEULANDITE: Calm, Divine, & Psychic

Green Heulandite Cluster Crystals Wholesale


Heulandite is a beautiful mineral that belongs to the Zeolite group. This tectosilicate mineral holds some amazing healing benefits that can heal your emotional and mental being along with strengthening the mind.

What Meaning Does Heulandite Hold?

The crystal is the crystal for the mind. This healing crystal is very high-vibrational which stimulates the mind.

It helps you improve your mental clarity and puts you into a meditative state. It simply calms your mind and exposes you to angelic guidance.

For ages, people have used this crystal to connect with the spirits and to awaken their psychic abilities. They have used it to seek guidance from the divine beings from other worlds.

What Is Heulandite Good For?

It is all about growth. It aids in the growth of your life in the general world as well as the growth of your spirit in the spiritual world.

It has also been proven better for individuals to reach their weight-loss goals.

Physically, these crystals can be used to help in the healing of issues related to kidneys, bladder, and liver. It also helps in the better flow of blood and ultimately boosts the immune system.

Use this crystal for overall growth.

What Chakra Is Heulandite For?

The stone is associated with the Heart Chakra. Its metaphysical properties enable the crystal to work wonders for your heart.

It helps clear the invisible blockages in your heart to let the zeal, happiness, and love flow within you freely.

Once your heart chakra is released, you can let go of your bad past. The stone allows previous grievances to be released and helps you become more forgiving, loving, and liberated.

Where To Find Heulandite Crystal?

Heulandite comes in different colours such as yellow, orange, pink, brown, grey, and black. The most common is green and white heulandite.

It can be mainly found in India and Iceland from where people buy Heulandite wholesale and use this crystal for sale.

You can buy this amazing healing crystal from any place online or offline from someone selling healing crystals in bulk for retail or wholesale.

Heulandite Affirmations

I am liberated and I have never felt so much lighter and peaceful

I am forgiving and loving. My ultimate purpose is to spend my time in harmony.

My heart is open to all the positivity and love that the universe has to give me.