PYRITE: Prosperity, Protection, Awareness

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Chakra – All Chakra

Zodiac – Leo

Introduction to the Pyrite Stone Healing Properties

“The Only True Wealth You Aquire On Your Death Bed Is The Peace.”

The feeling of burned out and the lack of motivation that can’t be in our system starts drowning us, as soon as we lose our comfort zone.

Is it common? – Yes it is.

Should you ignore it? – Never.

When we talk about success, the material and the aim may differ, but the feeling of being accomplished and happy stays the same. But how can Pyrite help here? Well, it is a stone of prosperity, luck, wisdom, motivation, and peacefulness.

Let us learn more about the healing benefits of Pyrite stone. 

The Healing Benefits Of Pyrite Crystal

Physical Healing

On the physical level, the healing of the Pyrite stone completely revolves around helping you reach your best potential, as well as protecting yourself.

The Pyrite stone exceptionally keeps the effects of environmental pollution away and makes sure your inner organs are safe, sound, and working effectively.

The stone also works for the better flow of blood, helps in breathing issues such as asthma, and helps in reducing fever, curing the viral infection, and strengthening your immune system.

Emotional Healing

If you ever wanted to speak up but had to hold back due to the lack of confidence, emotional healing of the Pyrite stone will be most helpful to you.

The stone is known for its ability to push your inner strength of confidence and take bring out your natural leadership qualities.

The stone also brings the lost passion in your life and helps in keeping your drive to achieve your goal readily. Pyrite stone is also a great support in the healing of depression, and anxiety.

Spiritual Healing

The Pyrite stone is one of the most powerful healing stones when it comes to fighting negative energy. It is a stone that removes the darkness and embraces the light within you.

Now as we are aware that Pyrite stone is a stone that works with all your stones, you shall also find yourself, much more evolved as well as at peace around the Pyrite.

Lastly, it is a stone that powers your creativity, your sexual energies as well as builds trust and love in your relationships.

How to use Pyrite

If you have been learning about crystals for some time you would know the importance of crystal cleansing. Every stone requires a regenerative source through which it can remove any blockage of energy and recharge its new natural energy.

Now as the Pyrite stone is made up of iron, you shall put it in contact with water. So in order to cleanse it, you can use holy sage smoke. In addition, you can even place the Pyrite stone on a regular stone near a pruning sage in a way the smoke hits the Pyrite.

Lastly, let the stone experience the day and night thoroughly. Place it at a place where sunlight and moonlight can hit the stone very easily.

Best Affirmation to use with Pyrite

In addition to welcoming your Pyrite stone from Tocrystal, it is also recommended to follow the self-healing practices of your choice.

It can be yoga, mediation, breathwork or even simply sitting in silence with your stone and observing your thoughts.

This simple add-on in your life will make your body and mind much more acceptable towards the new change and gracefully accept the energies from your stone.

“ I Feel A New Positive Change In My Life And I Am Open Towards It.

I Feel at Peace And I Feel Dedicated Towards My Goal.

I Feel A New Positive Change In My Life And I Am Open Towards It.”